The update, and what's going on next

First, the update. I’m sorry.

I haven’t opened my laptop since I came home from school. Basically, my future teaching career…didn’t work out. I hated the job, I couldn’t stand student teaching, and I was simply ill-equipped for many of the job’s responsibilities. This is also partially why I stopped writing; I have been in such a state of depression that I can hardly concentrate on anything. This meant I packed up everything, moved back home, and am now looking for work. I have less than six months before I have to start repaying my student loans, and since I was dumb enough to major in English (because I was going into teaching) and the fact that nobody’s hiring until a few weeks after the holidays, I’ve been having no luck on that front.

That being said, the update is pretty much finished, and sitting on my laptop. However, for whatever reason, I cannot access the FTP. Once I can get around this, the damn thing is finally going up, over a year after it was supposed to be posted. After that, I plan to throw what time I’m not busy searching for a job into my writing. I have a great many stories to tell still, unfortunately for you all, and I intend to finish them all, or at least as many as possible before the site dies for good.

Having some free time finally allowed me to poke around on my hard drive, and I located a few long forgotten projects, ones that I intend to bring to a conclusion. (Well, except for that Sonic the Hedgehog/Command and Conquer crossover; I don’t know WHAT I was smoking when I wrote that.) I’ve also finalized the events of Absolution’s second sector; this will be up tomorrow. Besides that, I also started work on a remake of the Reaver Saga; with some major rewriting, this could be finished. I even found my unfinished guide to my RPGCverse; I never published it because Wil beat me to it. (Puerto Rican bastard.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s the New Year! Time to get plastered!

Who are you calling a bastard you (uhh, Fresnoan?) Sonuvabitch?! :smiley:

Seriously now, sorry to hear about your job problems. I’m in a similar vein, I haven’t yet started selling stories and translations over the Web like I hoped because I still haven’t managed to get an account I can be paid through; my printer broke down so until I can afford a new one I can’t work on school projects for people either, so despite my epilepsy I’ve had to go back to construction for money. Damn. Not that I’m giving up, but it’s been a frustrating year (for that and other reasons) and that affected my ability to write as well.

Curiously, I found myself writing again via the RP Board (so THAT’S where I have been!) I did it on a lark to see if I could ease myself back into writing, and I’ve gotten into it; much less pressure than writing on my own. Of course, I’m already planning on writing by myself again, possibly even completely original stories as opposed to fanfiction… we’ll see. I’m no longer pressuring myself into anything. It’s much more relaxed this way.

So anyway, just wanted to explain what’s been up with me, and to wish you better luck this year. Hey, check my RPs too (Final Fantasy: Infinity, plus I’m on Medieval Times and Superhero University as well) and tell me if my writing is any good again. :slight_smile:

And hey, I’d love to see what your version of the RPGCverse is!


Wil: Thanks. You’re the wind beneath my wings. I’ll post my version of the RPGC universe some time.

The update’s done…except I can’t get onto the FTP. Seems the old username doesn’t work anymore, even with the new passwords. I’ll keep you abreast of the situation as it develops.

Okay, the update WILL be up tomorrow. I just need to risk setting up my broken laptop one last time, upload everything, pull down all the important fanfiction files, and transfer them onto my desktop. Shouldn’t be too hard.