The Unofficial RPGC Flash Thread!

Well, I figured since we have all these flash threads and some people are complaining about the number of them, why not have an actual Flash thread?

So yeah, post flashes that you wanna show RPGC right here. Ready…GO!

Well then, check this one out:

My brain. Oh Lord it hurts my brain.

Oh boy :smiley:
<a href=“”>Cat, I’m a kitty cat</a>
<a href=“”>cmon and slam…</a>

Best Loop Ever:
<a href=“”>I’m… sailing… away</a>
I’d find more, but it’s very late.

The Fox and the Mirror


Rush 2++
Hoy the amo ++


Island Invasion

Space Oddity

Menya zovut Shnur

Red Christmas

Girl from Mars



Any chance of this getting sticked just for future flashes?

So, where’s the Official RPGC Flash Thread? Because I’m not a fan of knock offs, I prefer the real McMuffin.

Here’s a few random flashes that I’m quite fond of.

Kanzeni Marin Nitsuite
Titanium Rhapsody
The Bard’s Song
Particle Man

Some piece of crap.
Just felt like posting something. =/

Edit: Since Sin is such a jerkass I’m just going to link to that Nightmare City flash here , kk?

<a href=“”>The Cloud Song</a>
I’d link to the Clold song, but it has a crudely drawn goatse picture in it (no color, just looks like a cloud version of hello.jpg)

I read that. You’re warned.

Meanie faced poop head. ;_;

That means I’m going to ban you. Like these 2 flashes…

Well I might as well post some of entertaining flash thingies, so here goes (Many of you my already have this, this is just a list of some of the ones I’ve bookmarked): (many more in the movie section) (omg watch this now) (The king and I with Famly guy)

Lolz? oO

<a href=“”>Sorry nul.</a>
It needs to be hosted somewhere :o

And this

How come nobody posted that one about dancing & singing crabs?

Use your eyes. =)


It didn’t specifically say “crabs” in there, and I ain’t checking all the videos =p But still, thanks for having posted that XD