The Underworld

My last movie thread for awhile, since school’s starting up next week… I’ll have even less time than I do now… :\ (Still, I’m happy to go back!) Weirdly enough, I think I’ve been going to the movies more lately than I ever have. I guess I’m making a rush to do everything in the final stretch… I still wanna see Lost in Translation too…

Anyway, someone told me that this movie was a second rate Matrix or something… Other than the guns and the leather, the two don’t really compare. The Matrix is the Matrix, and this is about a war between vampires and werewolves. Apples and… carrots. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that’s nice about it is it’s not a straight “these are the bad guys, these are the good guys” kind of story. And as for it being “loosely Romeo and Juliet”… I suppose. But other than some sexual tension between the two main characters, there’s no romance, no syrupy lines. And neither Selene nor Michael kill themselves in the end :stuck_out_tongue: Kate Beckinsale was perfect as Selene (the vampire)… very badass, and she looked reeeally good in leather too. There were two points that my friend and I started laughing though… I don’t think they were supposed to be funny, but hey, they were. <.< This would be when Michael tried to give Selene - who is a vampire, and therefore dead, right? - CPR, and when Victor’s head got split in two Anyway, my friend and I both like vampire/werewolf stories, and we weren’t disappointed. I reccomend it. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I saw the trailer for the new Resident Evil movie… twitches I dunno if I’m looking forward to it.

I saw that movie last night. I thought it was alright, a lil weird at times, but the action scenes were great. It had a lot of those “why the hell are they fighting there???” parts though, which I think they just put in cause werewolves and vampires fighting is sweet.

You haven’t started school yet?!

Anyway, the first time I saw a preview for this movie, for the first split second it looked like the matrix: lack of color, visual effects. People don’t think about the plot of a movie anymore, so to whomever you spoke about the movie might have thought it was a second-rate Matrix type movie. Nice to hear that it’s not sappy. I’m definately going to see it now.

New Resi film? Got any links?

I was hesitant about going to see Underworld, but now I actually might. Somehting about it just made me think; “Yup, they’re gonna screw it up.”

Kate Beckinsale in tight, black leather pants. This movie can’t fail.

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werewolves and vampires fighting is sweet.

Agreed. I saw this on friday too. I recommend it for action movie fans. Personally I thought it would have been a good movie without the whole romeo/juliet thing. But then again it doesn’t really matter its still a good movie.

On the note of new movies : Anyone see matchstick men? I thought that movie was awesome. The ending was a little strange it seemed like it was trying to please too many different type of movie-goers

I just saw it, and thought it was pretty good.

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Kate Beckinsale in tight, black leather pants. This movie can’t fail.


The movie was pretty decent. I actually found the action to be a little lacking, I was expecting it to be a bit more frenetic and faster-paced; when in fact the movie had a LOT more “plot” than I was expecting. Anyway, if you love vampire/werewolf movies, definitely see this, it’s not so bad. And Kate Beckinsale doesn’t just look hot as hell (like the epitome of a cute goth chick); she’s a really strong and badass character to boot, which isn’t done genuinely enough for female action movies these days (Tomb Raider? Gimme a break).

It was good, but had a lot of flaws. But I still suggest seeing it if you like those sorts of movies, you’ll definitely like it. See it for Kate’s performance if anything.

Garbage, the bad fight scens almost made you not notice the bad acting.

it’s true :stuck_out_tongue: Although the opening sequence was pretty cool.

Haven’t seen it but I saw a thing on the special effects. What I think is cool is that the Werewolves are guys in high tech animatronic costumes and not computer generated. Except for the scenes where no human could do what they do.

I really enjoyed it myself. Good mindless action flick.

I have been waiting for RE2 since i first heard it annouced last year - I cannot wait for it =)

My friend and I are going to see it Friday. We both have had way too much homework to see it when it came out. Oh well, if it’s got a hot girl in tight clothing, I’m there. Of course I would have preferred no clothing, but I guess you can’t win all the time :mwahaha: .

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Kate Beckinsale in tight, black leather pants. This movie can’t fail.

Greatest thing since sliced bread.

It looked like someone just took the World of Darkness plots and meshed them together. Therefore it looked cool.