The ugly side of sculpting

I’m going to dream about this three nights from now, at which point i’m going to wake up clutching my head and screaming. It’s just NOT RIGHT!

Haha, those crazy art-type folk.

(I don’t particularly like it, but the public needs to be shaken up from its censorship-protected slumber, anyways.)

Britney Spears’s being pregnant is one of the best arguments for choice I can imagine.

While I’m not a fan of Britney Spears, I think it’s an interesting sculpture. The baby is coming out? Wow. I also think it’s great that it’s causing such a stir. That will only help the sculpture as well as the artist ie publicity.

The critics or whatever said the sculpture was about birth. So why is there a wolf head at the front of the piece?

Bear Head. Supposed to be a bearskin rug, to signify the baseness of birth, I think. You know, like in the old days before hospitals, when women just delivered them themselves.

Didn’t she have a ceaserian, anyway?

The irony is that a woman who has become ugly trash over the years can still do something beautiful like give birth.

And I still say that when I think of giving birth, “beauty” is about the furthest thing from my mind.

Well, you have to take in mind that the artist ment it to be pro-life, hence she isn’t sweaty and screaming with her legs in sturups.

There’s nothing beautiful about birth, and there’s absolutely nothing beautiful about this stature. It’s hidious, and will only serve to give brooding mothers nightmares ( and hopefully bring the abortion rate up. )

Nulani’s right. The only magical thing about giving birth is that a lot of women do it more than once.

I’m not saying it is :P, but the artist is…

Heh. Yeah, methinks if they wanted this to be pro-life it’s kinda gonna backfire a bit.