The trio is now assembled


and we could build a giaaant t, cuz the t in hat is the most important letter, or else it’d just be Ha. which isnt cool. so you build this giant t, and light it on fire, cuz fire is so intense, you want everyone to know intense you are. and you wheel it around with you wherever you go.

yeh and then during hallowing you can you can all dress as ghost with pointy heads.

and you can have a secret wave where you straiting out your right arm and go hiel hatler. :moogle:

thats stupid, theres only a couple people wearing hats. if there were nine people, then that’d be cool.

The True KKK?

Hmmm, I better go make 884 nonsense posts so I can join :slight_smile:

My mistake, 883…

No, you better not. This was supposed to be just me and Eva. I don’t know WHY Ren did it (I don’t even KNOW him) but it annoys me more than it pleases me.

can i joing your club?

i want to be the cat in the hat. :moogle:

<font size=“7”><b><u><i>NO.</b></u></i></font>

Someone could get a picture of a female black mage and you could have the girl with the yellow hat

I don’t mean to be offensive, but these ideas are lame. There will be no more hats. I hereby condemn this whole hat business into Stasis, never to wake up! No hats shall be created or destroyed. Me and Eva are the only girls with hats, okay?

Well, as long as I don’t change my title to “The girl with the black hat” I’m not a poser.

Wow, I didn’t expect it to go this far.

Hades, please take me along too! crying, glomps Hades’s legs