The trio is now assembled

Hades - The girl with the the red hat.
Evangelion - The girl with the green hat.
And now… Ren - The girl with the blue hat!

We should make a rainbow hat club, and we’re all going to take turns in drowning ClothHat in paint buckets with our colors and wearing him!

what about me? with my technicolor dream hat?

Ah, the internet, where girls are guys and guys are…still guys. But sometimes girls are guys too.

And rumor has it that girls can also be girls, but I dismiss that as shameless communist lie.

Wasn’t it that same lie that landed me into Canuckdistan.

I still haven’t forgiven you for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I could be the guy in the blue hat,

oh, wait

I’ll be the guy with the, uh… space ship hat!

Yeah man, now we can be called something incredibly cool like “The Hat Posse.” “The Coloured Clan.” We’d be feared the net over.

And the only reason I keep bringing Freya back is because I get comments like “That hat girl reminds me of Eva, do you look like that Eva?” so apparently, this became my trademark, by accident.

Tsk, so many posuers

The girl with the cloth hat! :smiley:

A girl with kalaediscope eyes

ren, you arent a girl

heh newspaper taxis

Hey, no poser here, I started this trend!

the girl with the sun in her head jives

Nobody ever forgives me. :bowser:

But Canuckdistan isn’t so bad! We got beavers!

How about the Kolored Kap Klan? >>;;

Hey cool, Hades! I guess we can be known as the KKK! Isn’t that ironic!

Oh my god! I didn’t see that!

And I’m the girl without a hat!

And you KKK guys get two thumbs up.

You also forget it’s the Canadian prison for those who’ve revealed nation secrets. :bowser: