The Tower of Babel has been nuked again

The Tower is also a place for e-wangs to be displayed, you know, since everyone here is above that sort of tower thing.

My response to this thread? Oh the Tower was HORRIBLE. It deserves to be recreated so it can die another slow, torturous death. The most inane, mundane and insane things went on there and oh my god you should have been there three years ago when it totally went apeshit. Good thing we’ve moved past it though or else I wouldn’t be able to live my life and become the person I am now gets shot

As you can see, people secretly DO love Babel, because it gives them a chance to say how long they’ve been around, how they’ve evolved as a poster, etc.

Seriously though, I remember someone was making a list of the worst instigators in that forum and my name came up and I thought “oh shit, I need to cut it out” :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. That was back before I caught the flow of the agora, me thinks.

EDIT: I just remembered, the 10 000th post in RPGC was me posting in the tower about how miserable my period was. HA! You should have seen the people who tore me a new asshole about that one. I should have dedicated that milestone to something much deeper and thought provoking, I was told.

You should’ve just not posted about your period. Seriously, we never wanted to hear about it (maybe Zepp did).

I have a very bad habit of sharing information >> Hey if we can discuss whether or not Sonic is gay, we can talk about womanly woes.


No. One thing is discussing whether or not some animated character has furry relations with another animated character. The other is discussing blood oozing forth from icky regions. Only Zepp gets off to that.

As Mr. Garrison so eloquently put it, “I don’t trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn’t die.”

Yeah, I remember the tower. I, uh, didn’t actually post anywhere else for a while, and thus didn’t notice people bringing their Tower shit everywhere else.

They are not icky, they are wonderful and natural. And what is it with people saying that last part to me?! Three days? I wish.

Wait, you got rid of the staff forum?

I never posted in the tower. Maybe once or twice. I think our annual Merry May 17th post was in the tower one year. That’s the only time I can think of that I bothered. There was enough crap in the other forums for me.

But you’re a guy.

I loved the tower, we ought to revive it permanently, I think. I mean, what’s the problem with it anyway? We were just having fun… and never eally hurting anything…Y’know?

It was basically the Free RP forum.

You don’t want another one of those (again) do you?

“Simply put, the tower of babel was an ugly sculpture made out of the shit of a bunch of people with dhiarrea. Nasty, smelly, stupid and not something you’d want around.” - TD

“You forgot to specify it lacked substance, couldn’t support itself and made a mess of everything because it spread.” - Sin

That’s why. The ToB was a stupid forum that spread shitty threads and off topic posting to the rest of the Agora. The stupid Babylonians and Whore of Babylon would go and derail every little thread. I leave you with another analogy, this time by RPT.

“Here in the Northeast we’ve had a little problem called the West Nile Virus the past couple of years. It’s a sometimes-fatal disease spread by mosquitoes. In an effort to combat it, the powers-that-be first tried massive spraying of chemicals to take out the mosquitoes. Nowadays, the main efforts at fighting WNV are concerned with making sure there aren’t as many mosquitoes in the first place. The authorities and the public in general try to make sure that there are as few places as possible for mosquitoes to breed (standing water). If you don’t want stupidity on the Main Forum, you do not provide a place for stupidity to breed.”

You’re young and naive. We’ll leave it at that.

Any forum created for the purpose of containing ‘funny’ spam will near-instantly be filled with stupid drama, awful cliques, and the kind of humour that consists of “OH MAN LOOK HOW WACKY I AM! AM I NOT WACKY?”. It’s a proven fact.

When I first found RPGC, I registered an account back in like, 2001 or something; and I made a post about needing help with FF6 in the wrong forum, and it got moved to the ToB. :smiley:

The ToB wouldn’t have been so bad if somone had invented some standards. People were just making threads that were just random key strokes. But if there was a rule where you had to make SOME sense and point in your posts. Then it would have still been around today.

And sets, no you didnt.

Oh god we created him.

I tried looking for proof of existance of my old username (Emulatorist, if you’re curious), and it seems everything before 2003 is ERASED FROM EXISTANCE.

I’m pretty sure the ezboards were in action at that time, setz.

Hey Setz. You’re a fucking liar. The ToB didn’t exist in 2001. We didn’t get it until we got vBulletin.