The Tower of Babel has been nuked again

Or rather, the slightly hidden test forums that spawned a new Tower was.

Don’t make me use the laser pointer again, the ghost suit only has so much battery power.

Mind me asking, “Huh”?

If you are confused, then you’re best off remaining confused.

Damnit, I completely missed it.

I am very confused. Can someone explain to me what this means?

There were a couple test forums at the bottom of the Main page oft eh agora that linked to “hidden” Forums that I forget what the purpose was. Anyway, after a while, people started posting utterly stupid shit in there, and it was a revivial of the Tower.

For those who don’t know what the Tower is, I envy you. Long story short, it was a Spam forum, where you could post whatever the fuck. THankfully, most of the people here had outgrown it. Including me.

I also am too young to have posted in the Tower. Was it like all those other ‘Spam Here Forums’ in every forum everywhere in that nothing there was funny at all?

Some parts of it were actually decent. It wasn’t really designated for spam, poer se… jsut stuff apparently too weird for the rest of the Forums. Of course, by the end (the time I came in), it had just become a clusterfuck of retardation.

The Tower was the place were Zero and (I think) SK developed Poll Modifying into an art, and gave birth to plenty of insightful and transcendental topics such as “Is Sonic gay”? (That was Silhouette if I’m not wrong. Or maybe Eden…).

Towards the end though, it went down the drain. Even more than before, that is.

Oh, Sephiroth Katana’s poll edits were works of art. And I think I remember that topic, but I don’t remember who amde it.

Yes, and then it spilled over into other forums and got nuked to shit.

Purge and disable.

Eat the hippo.

HEY! Eat the hippo predates the ToB! That was an EzBoard thread. :slight_smile:

Spilled over? Who the hell would post random shit in any other forum except the one DEDICATED to random shit? Anyway, this was hardly a new tower. Maybe a cottage. The Cottage of Babel.

sigh The Babelonians, as we called ourselves. It was a close-knit group of fucktards. Really. We’ve all either reformed, or left the site. Our goal was to get every topic moved to the Tower. Why, I don’t remember, or even want to rememebr. I can’t tell you how embarassing it is to think about.

One day, people realized that their posts in Qrrbrbirlbel weren’t funny in the least. It then dawned upon them that even if one posts in a forum designed for pointless posts, the least one can do is try to make said posts humourous or creative in some way. Alas, this was beyond them. They all died lonely deaths. None of them ever lost their virginity. The End.

  • Sephiroth Katana

Were the naked lesbian twins in a bag born in the Tower or did they appear before that? I can’t remember.

They were born in the tower.

Thank god this didn’t go anywhere.

Message boards shit is deep, man.

I mean… this is some seriously serious stuff.