The Too Human thread

Anyone tried it? I just ran through the demo with the berserker and I’m hooked. I really enjoy it. I can see where it can be improved and I think that Silicon Knights should take advantage of XBLA to send out a patch for it (fix the health drops, add difficulty levels, allow the character to run when traveling around).

According to quite a few reviews I’ve seen, they’re not liking the game all that much. That could be due to certain flaws and what not, but from what I’ve been reading it sounds pretty bad.

Personally, I’ve been pretty curious about Too Human since it sounds like one of those things that if executed properly, it’d be epic. I really want to try it out though, but I don’t have a 360, so that’ll have to wait. I’m just curious how it pulls off the whole cyber-Norse mythos stuff.

I really liked what I saw of the demo; the only thing that waved a red flag when I played the demo was all not-so-subtle mythology references. The futuristic environment combined with the mythology nonsense has a lot of potential to be either really awesome or really stupid.

As for the everything else, I really enjoyed the way the game played. More RPGs need to be like this.

(Of course, this is just my impression of the demo.)

The reviews mostly say the game is decent but flawed. Go to, you’ll see it averages around 6.8, which isn’t bad. From what I can see, certain classes are obviously better than others. Up to now I think the Norse mythology aspect is pretty cool. I’ll be picking it up today.

Its the first part of many, I’m not too surprised to see the problems the developers ran into. They need to experiment with and refine their formula, just like Epic with Gears of War and Bungie with Halo. The game here is still very raw.