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First live show I ever saw was this band. Russian Circles. What a way to lose your cherry…

What’s the music like in China? Anything good?

Post your first and/or favorite band you’ve seen live.

China is basically stuck in the 80’s


I was listening to this yesterday when the rain stopped for a minute and I saw a…

First bands I ever saw live:

My first was At The Drive In. It was, conversely, one of the last shows they ever played.

EDIT: Cro, how metal is this?

That’s what heroin will do to you. Fry your brain and make you feed pigeons. Learn from the mistake Dave Mustaine made.

Anyways, first show I went to was to see some local bands, one of which I’m going to see again tonight. This was back in 2004. After that I saw quite a few other local shows, basement shows, etc.

The first big show I went to was Megadeth. It was supposed to be their last tour and I went down to Seattle to see them with my friend because we weren’t old enough to see him up here (all ages in Seattle, 19+ in Vancouver). Damn Mustaine ended up keeping the band going despite the whole farewell thing, but it was a good show anyways. And it was definitely worth it to have no ID to show to the border guard other than a library card. Good times ensued.

I don’t do any heroine and I love feeding pigeons. I think it’s more likely that beyond his derision for his fellow man, Dave Mustaine is a sweetheart who has nothing against simple creatures, like Pigeons, that have done him no wrong. I mean, he seems like a dick, but consider the fact that just about everyone to whom he is a dick is also a dick.

Originally Posted by Arac
do any heroine

Ironically enough, that’s my #1 item on my bucket list. >_>

I have a secret love for the girl from the Progressive commercials.

Metalhead with a heart of gold.

Actually, rereading what I said, maybe it’s not doing any heroine that makes one feed pigeons. I don’t think Dave Mustaine has done any heroine.

Heroin, on the other hand, is irrelevant.

P.S. Pluralization is for pansy.

Ironically I just ran over a bird the other day.