The things we do to be "safe"

Frankly, I’m against it. It seems needless and the fact Japan and many European countrys are exempt just makes it stupid and will most likely open loopholes. Also, last I checked most of the 9/11 terrorists were here legally. It seems very needless and more like an attempt to show that homeland security is doing something.

Frame said it. This is just another security blanket. There really shouldn’t be any exemptions, especially considering how I’ve been reading about how some suspected terrorists have valid UK passports and that caused a lot of shit over the holidays.

This may be completely unjustified, but I can’t help but think ‘fatherland’ when I see the word ‘homeland’.

Our government will probably follow suit soon enough withsomething like this if they think they can get away with it. There’s been all the hassle about mandatory ID cards here though, so we’ll just see how that goes.

I checked the govt site about it. Exactly how does fingerprinting them and taking their photograph to keep track of them maintain their privacy?

This is nothing new. There are other things that have been done recently that are worse.

I have a tourist passport. I got into contact with the staff from the closest consulate and I got the following: if I am to renew my passport, I’ll have to travel some 100 miles and pay US$ 100.00 for an interview with the consul. There is a long qeue for this interview so I may have to schedule it and wait a few weeks. It’s not a sure thing that I would have my pass renewed. Even if I do get to renew it, I may be deported from US and they don’t have t tell me the reason for it if it ever happens.

A few people I know have had bad experiences at US airports. A teacher from here got deported, even though she’d been there more than 20 times with a B2 passport. They never told her the reason for it. Other three teachers were kept in the airport for hours, answering questions about their personal lives to FBI agents.

My pass expires in April. I don’t feel like renewing it anyway. Nothing personal, I’d be one of the first people to get a flight to FLA, where I made a lot of friends; but only after the terror paranoia ceases. Untill then, I might be taking a walk by Champs
Eliser, or paying Manus a visit.

Canada has done that ID card thingy too… only it’s just for anyone who, even if they’ve lived here for 50 years, weren’t born here. It’s kinda… discrimintory… and even if it wasn’t, I would still be aganst it.

Most people didn’t even know they had to get one, and aren’t allowed back into Canada now untill they can get one. Red tape tastes good.


Actually it tastes of boredom. And oranges.

We went to a mueseum in Manchester afew days ago that had an exhibition on security. It was bizarre. You walked all around this massive building, without ever seeing security or cameras, and at the end was a room with screens showing how many times you were spotted from the moment you walked in to the second you got into the room. It was scary where they’d maanged to hide those little electronic bastards.

There’s been all the hassle about mandatory ID cards here though, so we’ll just see how that goes.

Aren’t they having some kind of computer chips on them that have data of an iris scan on it as well as fingerprints?
I’ve read 1984 and makes me paranoid, this just screams of Big Brother.

Originally posted by AngelOfTheLion
Aren’t they having some kind of computer chips on them that have data of an iris scan on it as well as fingerprints?
I’ve read 1984 and makes me paranoid, this just screams of Big Brother.

<strike>Big Brother</strike> John Prescott is watching us. O_O

Big Brother John Prescott is watching us. O_O

That’s an even more frightening thought.:eek:

I agree with Sin and Frame - if this is going to continue to be done, there should be no exceptions, or it’s pointless.

Good thing I’m not going to the USA. Not that I would have been able to: My passport is of the old kind, and the USA wants armed guards aboard the planes which Norway has already refused to have. Just as well.

Beyond that all I’m going to say is: Listen to Sinistral.

Each day, I wish I wasn’t living here more and more…

Just pray that Bush loses, and the next administration is less paranoid. The whole thing will run its course eventually, though…just pray it’s soon.

They won’t lose if they don’t want to, and if they’re willingly to take a risk. The Patriot Act is perfect to choke any political opposition with. Not that I think they’ll have the courage to use it.

it doesn’t matter to me whether nations are exempted or whether everyone has to do it. The concept in general seems very bad to me, regardless if there’s international favoritism.

This is not a very good way to welcome people to our country.

“Hi, welcome to america, please prepare to be finger printed like a common criminal.”

This country is going to hell in a handbasket. The terrorists have definitely won on a level of making our attempts at security more excessive than it has to be. It’s gotten to the point since 9/11 that terrorists no longer have to actually do anything. They make a threat and all of a sudden we’re going overboard with beefing up security and alerts and new measures to keep us “safer,” all under the guise of the Patriot Act and fighting terrorism while turning us into Russia during the Communist days. And if you question any of this, you’re accused of being a traitor and unsupportive and you get the whole “Well, if you don’t like the country, then get the hell out” speech, which is a little redundant. I’d rather do something useful and maybe…I dunno, do something to CHANGE the country. Sounds like a better solution than “get the hell out.”

I thought America Wanted touism. It was already down after 9/11 and Sky Marshells fingerprints and photos aren’t goint to help. Thompsons has already said that they won’t fly with sky marchells and Richard Branson has made a deal of some sort.
we’re going to Florida with some friends this summer and knowing there is a possibility of there being armed gaurds on board doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Does anyone know anything about the deal Branson made? we’re flying virgin atlantic.