On auction a wedding invitation was sold.
What other weird thinging things to they sell I ask.

Buy An online friends Shadows Soul. at

Big Nutter
That top is only used for Partys and not seen out of her house Much.

Does somebody remember the Tupperware that supposedly contained Britney Spears’ fart?

EDIT: This is the thread, but the item is no longer on eBay.


Oh my god.

I once saw a Fighter Jet.

That was actually legal and true. It was on several news sources.

OH MY GOD. Nagumo’s avatar <i>doesn’t</i> have to do with WW2/War in general. The universe has begun to collapse upon itself.

I once saw a piece of markerboard that someone had stuck a frowny face postit note on.

It went for 14,000.

Yeah. Ghostbusters rock.

How many avatar signs of the apocalypse does that take it up to?

What about my avvie?

Nah, yours is just death.* Barely worthy of consideration.** Not a sign of the apocalypse. Although I suppose technically it could mean the end of Starstorm.

*Relative statement.
**See above.

Oh, and back on topic…once someone sold a Cheeto and got a bunch of money off it to! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t just a cheeto. It was a HIDEOUSLY DEFORMED CHEETO! ++

Kiro: Its very nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What anime do you get your avvies from?

Someone sold their soul on eBay. eBay had to nullify the transaction because there was no physical entity that could be transported.

Someone else sold their friendship on eBay. For varying prices the guy would do different things for you. Such as buy you beer, throw you a B-day party or proclaim you the greatest person on Earth to your other friends.

And the Post-it note was actually auctioned off as a piece of art. Even had a blurb justifying why it was art.

I don’t get them from an anime I get them from here:

Some people can buy the most idiotic things.

My friend sold his soul for half a chalupa once. (Not on Ebay obviously).