The Thing...

My dad is playing the game, “The Thing”

think it’s okay. THough all the blood… guts… and gore is pretty cool. THe creatures just look so… blah, same as the humans.

Comments?Is it anything like the movie was?

The Thing? I didn’t know there was a movie called The Thing. Isn’t he the big orange rockman from Fantastic Four?

Darkil makes I cries for our youth… cry

I haven’t played the game, so I couldn’t tell you how close it is to the movie, but from what I’ve heard, the game is so scripted that it loses its fun factor after a while. I’ve heard that people who just tested negative for being hosts for the Thing will suddenly have the Thing burst out of their chests a few seconds later. Kinda takes the suspense out of it when there’s absolutely no variability in what’s going to what.

Ahem Allow me to illuminate you young-guns again… : )

“The Thing” videogame is based on the horror movie of the same name from the 1980’s. Which in turn is based on the movie from the 50’s (thought the creatures in both movies are VERY different). And in turn, the original movie is based on the short science fiction story “Who goes there?” one of the first ever written (its author escapes me now.)

The story is about an antartic (tho it the original it was in the artic- I think) scientific expedition that finds a frozen alien and proceeds to thaw it out. Of course, the creature turns out to be hostile (hey, back then, the idea was NEW!) In the 50s movie the alien was vegetal (and looked more human) and needed human blood to reproduce (how convenient!) In the 80’s movie the Thing was a shapeshifter (or capable of possessing humans, I never really found out exactly what) and the horror came from the people in the base not knowing WHICH one of them was the monster (that, and the FREAKY SFX of the thing’s various forms.) I must say the 80s version was MUCH more effective.

I haven’t read Who Goes There? yet, but I hear the 80s movie was much closer to it than the 50s version.

Btw, there WAS a comic book miniseries that continued the 80s movie story; in it, a nuclear submarine arrives at the antartic to look for the missing scientists, and guess what it finds?

I don’t know if the video game version is a re-telling of the movie or a continuation. Should make for a good horror game either way, if handled well.

I haven’t played The Thing, but I’ve heard it’s one of the best Survival Horror games out.

I heard it’s far too easy and that you can practically sidestep any attack in the game.

I haven’t played The Thing, but I seen it for cheap. I liked the 80’s movie…I thought it rocked. The Thing from the Fantastic Four rocks too. Yeah!

The thing was a movie about a shape shifting alien. This game takes place after the end of the movie. You guys are dumb if you havent seen it. Its pretty good.

I bought the game, played it, and then traded it in for Silent Hill 3. >.>

Originally posted by Trillian
I bought the game, played it, and then traded it in for Silent Hill 3. >.>

Then a winner is you. ^^

And yeah, it was kinda easy, since every enemy was, for some silly reason, auto-targeted, which meant all you had to do was strafe around and shoot it. Bringing in Kurt Russel’s character from the movie at the ending sequence was a nice touch though.

Heres how it goes the game is a continuation. It takes place after the movie, in which who you play and his team are searching for any survivors of the “accident” that happened up there. I would have to agree with Wil in the movie aspect, I havent seen the 50’s version but the 80’s is very good. I would suggest it to anyone.

And guess what this is my first thread :cool: and post.:moogle: Liking the little cool smiles.