The terror alert color system

I like this one better

That’s great. I love their suggested course of action for each one.

Very funny.

Damn, where’s Jet Jaguar when you need him?

That’s the best spoof on the homeland security system I’ve ever seen.

:hahaha; Really funny, but who actually pays attention to those alerts?

The terrorists, I bet they’ll attack as soon as we have the lowest alert level. Seriously, how stupid does Tom Ridge think those people are? I’ll admit they didn’t go to Harvard or some ivy league school, but it dosen’t take a genius to figure out green means go.

Heh. Like I’e paid attention to it anyway…

I want one of those t-shirts: Too bad they aren’t black.

Gateway Timeout, well that sucks.

Get some black spray-paint (friendly towards the fabric of course), put some cardboard over the terror alert system, then spray away.

I agree with Nul. They should be black. All the fun shirts are always white or light grey, dammit…

I dunno about you guys, but I can barely stand black shirts most of the year. Dark colors absorb heat, and when it gets really hot I tend to get rashes. I really prefer white clothing.

You’re weird!
I mean; you actually go outside?

That’s great and all but I think Monster Zero(King Ghidra) would be higher up the list than Megalon.

Baal’s worse. “omg baal” … Darn it, STILL doesn’t have the same ring to it when typed down!

I was expecting a link to the M&Ms office homepage. You do know Mars Candy sponsors the color alert, don’t you?

And yes, Frameskips right. Green means go, but does that mean Godzilla means go too?

Anyone care to fill me in on the monsters besides Godzilla?

Does it strictly matter?

Yes. Yes it does.