The TD challenge

Well, this is a really stupid little challenge, but whatever.

So a few days ago I told Merc to try and beat my highscore in a certain videogame because he was bored, the high score being 22600 and the stage being Expert 2 (X-2). The high score has since changed to 22700 because I’ll obviously never get laid.

Then Merc started telling other people, and other people told other people, etc, until it became “The TD Challenge”. So yeah, here it is, since I’m tired of explaining. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to beat my highscore of 22700 on Expert-2 of Mario vs Donkey Kong, using <a href=“”>this save</a> and <a href=“”>this emulator</a>. I’m just curious to see if I did, in fact, get the optimal score, so yeah.

Also, I requested permission of the admins (Zero) to break several laws in this post. See if you can spot them.

<div align=“center”><img src=“”></div>

I’ll get a movie of my run up when I can get VBA to cooperate and save the files with the xvid codec.

EDIT: Due to THE LAW!!! knocking on my door, I took down the rom. Come into the chat and bug me/use the f-serv to get the rom.

Oh man, I played this game at EB the other day. It’s really fun.

Oh, and I see the broken laws.


Okay, so I was playing some of the main game, and I came to the conclusion that this game sucks more then the awesome Donkey Kong game for the original Gameboy.

I’ll give it a shot on my other comp. I’ve been getting bored between shrining sessions.

How big is the emulator supposed to be? My comp only wants to dl about 14k of it.

You’re on TD.

<div align=“center”><img src=“”></div>

Grab the .sav here

The image is kinda huge. I can take it down if it bothers someone.

Did you hex that, or actually finish it in that time? Because I’m pretty goddamn sure that’s not possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic, I love you and I want to dig this game out and play it with you in bed. 'cuz it’s the best thing to do in bed and in dark.

I can only get 22600. You Win, Rain man :stuck_out_tongue:

Sal wins! Fatality! :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s the best I could do:

<img src=“”>

<a href=“hahahathereisnosavuf00l.sav”>download the save</a>.

Advantage: Merl. PWND!!!11

I’m not sure if TD got to bask in awe of my grandeur enough yet.


I’m glad someone agrees with me…

Hey, if I can beat it on an actual Gameboy with an actual cartridge, and I take a screenie of that, will it count?

Of course, why not? And yeah, the controls are really crappy.