The Suffering

There’s probably been a thread about this game already, but here goes.

This game is quite possibly the most disturbing game ever created. It even crushes Silent Hill in terms of overall nightmarish effects. The main character, Torque, instead of being your “average joe” SH character or your “commando” RE character, is a murderer sent to death row on Carnate Island (nice name) after being sentenced to death for killing his wife and two sons. Of course, he says he doesn’t remember anything about what happened, and there was no real evidence, but he was black (kinda), and it’s the south, so that’s good enough for them. Of course, everything goes straight to Hell after he gets there; turns out the thousands of souls on the island want revenge, and before you know it, Torque has to escape the island and the blood bath.

When I say blood bath, I mean it. This game has enough red stuff flying around to put the bloody fighter movement of the early to mid-90s to shame. People are routinely impaled, skewered, gunned down, shredded, electrocuted, decapitated, disembowled, etc. The monsters look like they were ripped straight out of SH, from the blade-wielding Slayers (they have blades for arms and legs, and their heads are held from their bodies by strange hooks) to the deadly Marksmen (they have about eighty SMGs attached to their back). In fact, about five minutes into the game, a CO is stabbed in the back by a Slayer, then slammed repeatadly against a row of bars. Every time he does, blood splatters onto the walls, the ground, the bars, and even Torque. I’m about two hours into the game, and Torque’s already looking like a blood-soaked rag.

There’s more to it, but I have to get back to playing. A game as horrifying, if not more so, than Silent Hill comes only once in a millenia.

It’s more blood than Kill Bill Vol. 1? I’m there!

Disturbingly enough, this game piqued my interest. I plan onm renting it. (And playing it with the lights ON!)

What I found morbidly facinating was how each enemy in the game was based off a method of exucution. I would very much like to get a good look at each of them…and then splatter them over the walls.

I played it, an it is a very cool and disturbing game. I thought the Silent Hill series was more distrubing, but The Suffering is much more fun

Nice. I might check it out, after finishing the SH series. (Im on SH2 now. Actually, my second run-through, this time with no lights on… :mwahaha: )

Which platform is it for?

I’m guessing it’s not for GC :P, but is it PS2, PC or X-Box?

Actually, it is on the GC, but from what I hear, that’s the worst version. It’s also on PS2 and XBox, and will probably make its way to PC someday.

The scariest thing about SH games are the sick, twisted plots that end up driving me insane/turning off the game because I need to breath again.

Blood is nice and all, so is gore, and it has it’s place, but I wouldn’t play a game just focusing on that aspect :stuck_out_tongue:

Does… THE SUFFERING ( ;.; ) have some sort of ingenius, sick-twisted, make Eden turn off the game plot?

(Also, you are all freaks. PLAYING SH WITH THE LIGHTS ON?! Weirdos. I made a point of not playing ANY of them without the lights off, sound way up, and generally after 10 PM)


I rented the Suffering, and I must say it is really freaking when playing it at midnight. :eek:

The plot isn’t as good as SH; little backstory on Torque is given, and most of the story is given through flashbacks, archives about the history of the island, and the mysterious Dr. Killjoy (sounds nice, doesn’t he). However, while the plot in SH was better, I think the Suffering is just creepier. It’s not just the blood, either; it has the same kind of atmosphere as the SH games; sounds come out of nowhere, monsters spring out of the ground on a moment’s notice, your friend can go postal at a seconds notice, etc.

That, and the plot is starting to pick up a bit. I’ve made it to the Asylum (the game’s halfway point), and the damn doctor seems to be tied to everything, and the devil’s telling me to kill everyone, and the russian guy is bugging me about fixing his damn radio, and- rants on for three hours

Its a good game. I liked it, you know except for the blood and the blood and the uhhh o yeah blood. But it is pretty cool game overall. I recommend it. :cool:

How can it be “worse”? The only different are the controls, unless they did something to it like Soul Calibur II.

Sorry, but my info was wrong. Turns out the GC version was cancelled just before the release. I need to check my info more nowadays.