The story..

Well, I spoke of it in another post, and I figured I should elaborate a bit. Im not exactly in the best of moods right now, but it’ll pass anyway.

This week is finals, so we have half days from tuesday to friday. Today, I got to school after the first final, because I didn’t have two finals today, so I got here later so I didnt just sit around. Anyway, my mom drops me off and Im hanging around with some friends of mine outside, when my ex girlfriend walks up to me and pulls me away. She says it’s pretty important and she needs to tell me something. So we go into the parking lot, and she spills her beans.

During our relationship, she had been cheating on me. When we had sex, most of the time we were protected - however if we were ill prepared, well, we just didn’t really care much. We watched those days of the month pretty well, and we were pretty sure we had a close eye on what was going on. Well, we weren’t watching close enough, and in late March, she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t know whose it was, since she was cheating on me, but it could have been mine.

The odd thing is, last night a good friend of mine told me she had had an abortion in June.

Anyway, Im a bit mind fucked at the moment. I may spout off at you, if I do so, don’t worry, Im just agitated. I may be this way for a few days, but overall, Im pretty sure Im gonna be ok. I know that I wouldn’t want a kid now, so overall, Im just in a mind fucked state of shock right now.

Dude, that’s completely understandable. I should call you brother; the exact same situation happened to me. However, the girl didn’t get an abortion, and it turned out to be the other guy’s. So yeah, totally understandable, i’ll keep that in mind if you get pissed at me.

Damn sorc, not only the fact she was cheating on you but the preg. thing… Crazy man… Smoke some Buddha and space out my friend.

I would - however I deal with my problems with sobriety. Getting wasted solves nothing. It may make me feel better, but the problems remain.

Good point, but ya know, just to relax or something. I’ve never had alot of drama in a relationship like that so I woulden’t know :-\

Holy shit Sorc, that really, really sucks.

That story just moved me, really. I guess that girls consider me handsome, but I’m a tad awkward around girls (in real life, people :P), so I haven’t had that type of drama in relationships and I can’t place myself in the same situation you’re in right now. However, I understand you out of what happened a friend’s older brother. A similar situation happened, so I can understand that you’re feeling…well, to say the least, in a bad mood. That’s really saddening to hear. Hearing that your girlfriend cheated on you is bad enough. I hope you feel better about it, man.

Man Sorc, I’m sorry to hear that. Try to listen to music, do your favourite things, and don’t dwell on it too much.

See, I’ve never known if girls think Im handsome or what. People tell me I’ve got cool eyes, but I guess Im a bit big or something - I’ve always won girls with my personality.

But thats besides the point.

I should call you brother. People tell me I have cool eyes a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: (My eyes are blue, and other people seem to find them, well, cool :P)

I’m sorry to hear about it, Sorc. I hope you’ll get over it.

Well I can’t blame you for being mindfucked Sorc, that’s a pretty heavy thing to put up with.

Things like this make me proud that I was a virgin through highscool… some of the girls I knew… just insane.

Oh man.just can’t help it and passes you a box with donuts I hope you feel better soon :confused:

A situation that both severely sucks and blows. Sorry to hear that man. I’m afraid I don’t have any advice or something, that’s totally out of my league.

Not really sure what I could say to you, since I’ve never been in that situation but for what it’s worth, I hope the situation get’s better.

That’s pretty mucked up. I’ll pray that this will get resolved.

I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now…that must be a complete total shock, especially for someone at that age

hugs sorc

sorcyoumustplaytfcwithmesowecanpassthetimeokay ^__^;


I hope things will work out alright.

Im ok, no worries. As odd as it is, this hasn’t fazed me all day. It is still shocking…but such is life, and life will go on.

TFC? I’ve actually started playing again, so just gimme a shout and I’ll go rone.

I feel for you, Sorc. Your situation makes me feel a little better about what my ex told me today.

Just gotta hang in there, I suppose…