The Status of Tseng? (some spoilers)

I was talking with someone the other day and he said Tseng was alive in FF7. I know he’s alive in FF7:AC, but is there evidence he’s alive in FF7 the game anywhere after he’s gravely injured by Sephiroth in the Materia Temple?

No. He disappears after that and it’s assumed he goes down with the temple.

Isn’t Elena after Cloud because she thinks he killed Tseng? I think she mentions that in Icicle Inn.

Yep, she’s trying to avenge Tseng. The scene ends somewhat pathetically though.

By the way, how is it that Tseng is alive in AC? Even if the temple didn’t crush him, Seph had already skewered him. Literally.

Isn’t it obvious? Ancient Indian Magic, of course!

And Rufus got smashed the fuck up along with the Shinra building, but he’s still kickin.

See, this is why I don’t want to bother with Advent Children - because it’s fucking with canon.

Rufus is a Clichéd Villain. Clichéd Villains always come back even if they are hit directly in the fucking face by Diamond Weapon’s attack. It did bother me that he didn’t even have as much as a scar on him though.

He did, and he had bandages… But they got better… Somehow.

Also, lets be realistic, this is Final Fucking Fantasy. Characters don’t die often, especially if they are in any way shape or form “cool”…

Now, in Tactics… Well, it doesnt matter how badass you are, everyone fucking dies in that game.

That’s pretty much the same thing I thought when I read the topic.

Well, the copy of AC that I have is in Japanese with English subtitles. Unfortunately, some Iraqi did the subtitles when he bootlegged the movie, so they are really fucked up. Seriously, i’m not completely sure about what’s going on in most of the movie.

In the copy I saw he was going to explain how he survived the attack from Diamond at one point. But whoever he was talking to, can’t remember if it was Cloud or the white haired guy, cut him off and didn’t let him finish.

Oh well. Still a good film.

Don’t get me started about FFT. Between the overpowered enemies in random encounters and the way they hid really good items in battles where you’d be lucky to last long enough to just beat the enemies… >.> And honestly, I think they nerfed Agrias. I know Orlandu comes with Excalibur, but still, his holy attacks always deal damage at least in the 400s range, while Agrias does quite less.

The random enemies in FFT weren’t overpowered. In fact, they were just as strong as your best character (Usually Ramza). By fighting on somewhat even terms, you were forced to think your moves instead of just pushing the attack button over and over, which is where the “tactic” part comes into play.

And even then, let’s be honest, there were plenty of ways to obliterate your enemy that even a monkey could use. I’m not sure what is more pathetic: The fact that the game was only barely tactic, or the fact that it’s still the most tactic TRPG I’ve ever seen -_-

Final Fantasy 7’s limit break system. In FF8, there was a randomization of it in a way because a character may be in low enough health but cannot activate the limit break, so you have to keep pressing triangle to refresh the characters’ battle menu. FF9’s trance system was ok, but you didn’t really know exactly when it was coming and the effectiveness of the attacks wasn’t necessary for the enemies. FF10’s overdrive was probably a close second best because of the fact that you could execute the overdrives alot more often and you really needed to, especially fighting some of the nasty enemies you’ll be facing in the monster arena. I just personally loved FF7’s system for many reasons, one main reason is the fact that it’s the game that introduced these types of attacks, also you knew when you were about to break the limit, plus the attack effectiveness was necessary in battles as well as stylish attacks like Omnislash and Ungarmax.

He isn’t dead. Remember when you leave him in the temple he’s still alive (I think he even says exactly those words if you try talking to him) and he’s gone when you leave. Elena’s conversation in the snow town is just really bad translation that the localisation team screwed up either due to laziness, because they didn’t understand the scene, or they just thought Tseng dying would be cooler.

I haven’t seen anything in the script (source: gamefaqs) that indicates his dialogue that he says he isn’t dead. If you can point me to a source that says it is I’d be much obliged. As I recall, there is no evidence that he ever got out of the Materia Temple before it was collapsed. However, I haven’t played the game in years, so don’t quote me on anything I “remember”. We have to rely on reliable sources outside the game that have recorded its events accurately, and from my scouring, I haven’t found anything. I need a screenshot or something concrete.

Well… there’s no screenshots of Tseng after the Temple (otherwise we’d have no discussion here). 8p But I think the Icicle Inn scene is pretty darn specific. Do you have a copy of the original Japanese script somewhere to back up your points?

From IGN :

*Q: Didn’t Tseng die in Final Fantasy VII? I recall Elena saying to Cloud
“…you really got guts doin’ my boss in like that!”.
*A: Obviously Tseng didn’t die since he is present in the film sequel. While
the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy VII released in North America
certainly made it seem that Tseng had died due to Elena’s statement, this was,
in fact, a major mistranslation, and was corrected with the PC version in
which Elena says “…you really got guts messin’ my boss up like that!”.

Also notable is that if one speaks to the wounded Tseng in the Temple of the
Ancients after he has given Cloud and company the Keystone, he will say
“I’m… still alive…” Apparently, while Cloud and the others were inside
the Temple of the Ancients, Tseng was discovered badly wounded and rescued.
Despite his massive wound, he survived. That Tseng was discovered before the
Temple of the Ancients became the Black Materia would actually explain how it
is that the other Turks would have known about Tseng being injured in the
first place.

Hope that clears it up…

Hmm… all right. Looks like a plot correction is in order on the FF7 story page. :sunglasses: Still, it seems very strange that we never hear nor see Tseng for the rest of the game. We can excuse the translators for thinking he died.

Indeed. It is interesting that despite the now-present evidence that Tseng is alive, we never see him at any point after the Materia Temple, given that he’s a pretty major character, and leader of the Turks.