The Soundtrack Hunter....... scores once more !!!!

Here are my latest “prey” items :stuck_out_tongue:

Virtua Fighter 4 OST(Domestic Version)

The two other items aren’t VGM (GASP!)

Riow Arai is a famous techno artist, while I did enjoy his Front Mission Alternative project, I was curious of his non-vgm albums. Lo and behold, I’ve managed to get two of them, and both in mint condition, w00t !

Mind Edit by Riow Arai

Circuit’72 by Riow Arai

This will probably be my only eBay purchases(seriously O.O) for this college year.

w00t w00t w00t!

Though I think you should have scored VF4:E, but who am I to judge?

They don’t stand a chance. They can run, but they cannot hide from Dragon God: the Soundtrack Reaper.

Points at DG’s sig
Oy, that whats happen when you eat too much Soundtracks. o.o

DG strikes again. :hahaha;

You dissapoint me for having not grabbed the Rockman Collection. They restocked it you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Live without food for a week and buy it damn you. :stuck_out_tongue:

SG: sweet wheels of shit! (And where’s my $25? :P)

Go for it, DG!