The Son of the Mask

Well…I’ve seen the trailers and it looks cool. I liked the first movie a lot. What did you think about this new movie coming soon on February 18th?

I’m scared, if it doesnt have Jim Carrey then I’d say much of the charm will be lost… I’m not sure what to expect. Could be good though.

I’m honestly not expecting this to be very good. But you never know…and yeah, they damn well better have gotten Carrey back.

I think it’s probably going to be bad. By the looks of it, I’m suprized it even made it into theaters.

It still has the same dog, and he was cool in the last one.

It’s a sequel, which means it has much of the universe going against it. And it’s a sequel that lacks actors from the first movie. And it’s a sequel to a silly, ridiculous comedy.

Result: It’s probably gonna suck.

You know what, this is GAP, but I speak for the both of us when I say this:

No. GOD no. DIE, The Son of the Mask, DIE!

Ocean’s Twelve was bad enough, now the sequel lovers are going after The MASK? Dear God, when will it end?

Son of mask… is that the one where a boy with a massive facial skull deformity and biker gang mother attempts to live as normal a life as possible under the circumstances?

I shall probably only see it if it is miraculously good, which is even more of a miracle for me since I dislike most Hollywood films.

Plot: Some guy finds the Mask, puts it on, has sex with his wife while wearing it, she gets pregnant and yes, the baby has Mask powers. Then the Norse god Loki is sent to retrieve the Mask (which was once his, according to the movies, not the comics.)

Opinion: Doesn’t look good, especially without Carrey. You never know, it MIGHT be good, but I’ll need more info before I can decide. Hey, at least it has Loki as a character. Thought he looks more like a Punk Rocker. Hey, even trickster gods keep up with the times, I guess. ^^

it will be terrible.

Carrey was the only reason I watched the first movie so I’ll let this on pass unless I hear some VERY good reviews.

The more CGI in a movie the better it is. This is why Citizen Kane was lame, and Kangaroo Jack was the greatest film of all time.

Comics? I was not aware that this was ever anything but a movie. Tell me more?


Much thankies.

I still stick by my statement that Sin City is the only Dark Horse Comic that mattered.
Despite the fact that The Mask was a Dark Horse Comic.

And one more thing

Sequels in Hollywood=Suckage

Many sequels/prequels end up being awful and overadvertised. Look at Dumb and Dumberer. Everyone thought before that bastardized movie existed, that another D&D movie would be great, but it was horrid. This movie might be the same thing.

Dumb and Dummerer wasn’t that bad, but was still not as great as the previews(or anything else) made it to be. At least in that the got someone that at least resembled Jim Carrey, as appose to Son of the Mask.