The Slayers Anime

Hi I just joined Agora and figured I would start a thread. I’m a huge slayers fan and was wondering if anyone else was. I also recently got the Slayers d20 if anyone’s interested in it. Im not sure if this belongs under the anime section or role playing so I just put it here.:moogle:

How very interesting.


Well, I get the urge to post something really sarcastic too… (It is usually a good idea to post something with a point when you start a thread. :P)

But yeah, Slayers is cool. I’ve got the whole series on DVD and I’ve seen all the movies. :slight_smile:

Just don’t watch Try and most of the movies and Slayers is allright.

I agree with the Try part. It’s unbelievable how everything Slayers parodies well is turned into an awfully ironic self-collapse >_<;

The Super Sentai episode was SUFFERING.

I agree the parodies can be just plain bad. Like the one when Lina is in the Alice in Wonderland parody with the penguins was just dumb. Despite that though Try had some good new characters. Jillas was cool, Fillia wasn’t half bad and Valgaav was just a really good villian.

I wanted to see Fillia burn to death in a fire, sorry.

It’s okay everyone has their own opinions, I agree that she was annoying at times but the reason I like her was because she was the oppisite of Xellos which made for funny confrontations between them. She was the only person who could just plain annoy him which I thought was funny.

It wasn’t nearly as good as the first season and Next, but thought Try had it’s moments >.>. The parody chapters towards the end were awful (Like TD said, the Sentai chapter was horrible) but it wasn’t THAT bad.

I pretty much hated said confrontations, so yeah.

I agree that Try does come close to the first season or Next. I’m a huge fan of Next. The reason I think that Try didn’t do well was because it was the only season that didn’t take place in the books, also if I’m correct, alot of the production of Try was taken out of the orignal authors hand’s.

I actually liked Try best.
It was, imo, the only season that had a proper villain. As long as you skip the fillers it is really great.

The second season was also good, but Gaav wasn’t really that menacing. He was always too far behind them until the point where he get’s wasted by Phibrizzo. He, on the other hand, scares me. But that’s just because I can’t stand truly Evil little kids since Vagrant Story’s Quicksilvers.

So yeah, first season was nice, but the second was better. Lacked a good villain though. Try had a very good villain and the only thing that’s really bad about it is the fillers (which I think are all on the C disk, so just skip that one and move on).

I’d disagree that Valgaav was a good villain. To me, he seemed flat as a board. “WAAAAH! I’M SO ANGSTY! I HATE EVERYTHING! AND I’M COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE! WAAAAAAAH!!” The series tried to add in some tacked on subplots about morality, and the right to use power, etc etc with the dragons, but it ultimately fell apart after awhile. It TRIED to be more 3 Dimensional, but the finale is nothing more than a generic Great Big Confrontation With The Villain, which is somehow solved by magical fusion which only had a spotlight of maybe an episode and a half. Yawn. What also bothered me was how Gourry just gave up the Sword of Light. He spent two seasons clutching that thing for dear life, fearing that Lina would snatch it away, and suddenly his family treasure means nothing to him? “Oh go ahead, Sirius, I guess the sword really belongs to your people, if you say so!”

A villain doesn’t have to be present to be good. Throughout Slayers Next you see Gaav’s plotting, his minions are doing all the world, but the stuff happening in Altas City and Seyruun weren’t exactly unmiportant. A monster trying to fight for his own survival against his former allies that turned their backs on him is far more interesting, to me, than an angsty teenager that just needs to take some prozac. I’ll admit Gaav could have stood to have more screentime but he WAS, ultimately, a means to an end for the real villain. He may have seemed to come out of nowhere, but he was planning things since the first season. Heck. I haven’t read the manga, but I hear that Xellos actually shows up shortly after the defeat of Shabranigdo. I may be wrong though.

But anyway, yeah. Try is nothing more than a giant filler season. I honestly wish they’d take some of the material from the manga and make a fourth season. I’ve heard the anime producers WANT to, but can’t get to sign Megumi Hayashibara since she’s just too damn busy.

I thought Try had the best overall story, and the Sentai ep was priceless.

try had the best overall story, but Next had the greatest climax.

I thought both Try and the first season had more weaknesses than strengths. Next was the only season I consistently enjoyed.

In the books Gourry actually lost the sword of light at the end of the Next story arc when he sacrificed it to save Lina from the Lord of Nightmares. He doesn’t get it back like in the anime. Don’t Know if this matters, but I just thought I’d mention it.

I agree with cidolfas that Next was the most consistent. It had the best balence of silly and serious.

I didn’t know about that beforehand, but it’s still better than him just handing it to an alien without a fuss. Back in the climax of Next he willingly gave up the sword to save Lina’s life, that was a big decision, and most importantly it was in character for him to do it. But at the end of Try ‘o no, Sirius, take teh sword lol’ without so much as clutching it comically one last time was pretty dumb.

Yeah I agree completely. I think the reason the scenario in Try was written so poorly was because of the reason I stated earlier, about how the original creator had so little input in the making of Try thats my opinion.

I recomend reading the books. If Try made you lose faith in the series the books will restore it. Even if you love the anime I still recomend the books. There very similiar and different at the same time, but I guess thats how it is with mostly all book to TV adaptions.