The "Shitty Cover song" thread

Disturbed- Shout

Snoop Dogg- Sad But True

Korn- One

Nonpoint- In the Air Tonight

Wykked Wytch- Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Any others you know, post 'em.

Korn’s cover of Cameo’s Word Up is actually better then the original song, but you can’t really improve a song that’s horrible to begin with.

I can’t top that. Bravo!

Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters… I liked it.

Any cover of anything by a Nu-Metal or Pop-Punk band.

Behind Blue Eyes, Limp Bizkit version, particularly stands out.

All the '80s song nineties psuedo-punk groups ironically covered because, everyone knows a joke is funnier the more you beat it to fucking death.

That totally unnecessary cover of a New Order song Orgy did, wherein the song sounded absolutely no different.

The vast majority of songs on “tribute” albums.

Hilary Duff - “My Generation.” Changed “Hope I die before I get old” into “I hope I don’t die before I get old.” Good job: you completely missed the fucking point of the song!

Arac: Some tribute albums are actually really good. Nativity in Black (for Black Sabbath) is an excellent example. Of course, you have White Zombie, CoC, Megadeth… ohhh yeah!

Same band, now playing Path.

Or by metal bands. We don’t care if you want to tell the world you liked that song. We don’t share your fucking psychological problems. (Kudos to Eldritch for the cover of My Sharona)

You tell them, boy.

Better than the original imo

Kristian Valen - Elevation

More of a parody, though. But still =D

More like Comfortably Dumb, thanks alot Scissor sisters.

I win, but everybody loses. :frowning:

Wow. That was hilarious!!

That was more interesting than stupid. They butchered the music of the song, well except for the keyboard part of the song, but I kind of like how the awesome lyrics of the original were highlighted. That said… disco sucks.

I present to you…Alice Cooper’s Poison…eurodance version.

Holy shit someone get me a fucking mp3 of this song. Right now.

Edit: Oh wait, COVER songs… damn.

Don’t click on this.

I dont think samples count as covers.