The sephiroth

Hi im a little new here, but i want to post a thing about sephiroth, maybe its already post, but honestly i didnt know, so plz pardon me its already post.

well this is it, i found that the sephiroth, the tree of life of course, have a about 10 circuits i think, and the characters of ff7 have 10 but one of the 10 circuits in the sephiroth have a circuit that is directly connect with other well i have notized that the circuits have a strange connection with every character of ff7 check this out!:

This is an unconscious brain circuit which controls “fight or flight” survival habits. The Biosurvival circuit is the only portion of the human brain functioning at birth. The most basic portion of the human brain is also the most primitive and even lacks the ability to recognize time. People in life and death situations often speak of how “everything slowed down,” or, “everything seemed to stand still.” Such an effect is often felt when this lower brain circuit takes over. It is concerned with your survival and not much else. This acts unconsciously. Tree of life 10; Brain circuit 1.

This brain circuit believes it is the whole brain. When this circuit takes over, even survival can take a back seat. This brain comes to life as a toddler. When we first stand up and begin to explore (find our territory) this is the brain circuit that is directing that territorial discovery. Our place in the pecking order (top dog or bottom dog) is imprinted into these brain cells. This circuit is subconscious. Tree of Life 9; Brain circuit 2.
::::: BARRET

This, the first conscious brain circuit begins to function at about age three or four when the child starts to want to know what and why. You know it has begun to function when the child begins to “name” everything, and ask all in the vicinity “what’s that?”, or “why?”, “how come?” This is the scientific circuit, the set of brain cells responsible for categorizing and nomenclature. This circuit is in the control of the operator and is called conscious. Tree of Life 8; Brain circuit 3.

Opening up at about age eight, this circuit is fully open at puberty. In these brain cells we imprint our sexual needs, our parenting abilities, and our cultural bias. Being a right brain circuit, artistry flowers from the sexual circuit. The fourth brain circuit is not usually in full control of the operator and as such is a super-conscious circuit until the operator is trained in its conscious use.Tree of Life 7; Brain circuit 4.

The fifth brain circuit has a superconscious function and is sometimes opened by religious fervor, always by Tantric yoga, intense pattern focus, and sometimes through meditational methods. To reach Tiphareth one must cross the Gulf of Akasha which simply is symbolic of the difficulty humans have in opening their higher powers. The reward for making this effort is in the bliss this brain circuit puts out. The fifth brain circuit also acts neurosomatically or mind-over- matter in which you gain increased energy, peace, and somatic or body rest. Operating out of this circuit is like being three feet above the ground all the time. Tree of Life 6; Brain circuit 5.

This superconscious or higher power brain circuit contains your DNA. memories. Jung said of it “from here come demons and beasts of the night.” The Kaballah (Qabalah) calls it the “celestial surgeon” or “great destroyer.” For all the no-nonsense, extremely practical aspects of this, the 6th brain circuit, it also gives self healing. When we learn to control our blood pressure, heart rate, tiredness, pain, hot or cold, etc., we are using this circuit. This higher power should only be approached with an experienced guide. Tree of Life 5; Brain circuit6.

The seventh brain circuit sees all, knows all, and understands all. In this realm of pure idea or Cosmic connection, everything you see or learn about is correlated and holistically understood. When you access this brain circuit, everything suddenly makes complete sense but, it is very difficult to bring these superconscious ideas down to conscious levels. We are often left with nothing but a frustrating memory of a golden glow of rightness or a dream-like image of glory. Tree of Life 4; Brain circuit 7.

BINAH (ETERNAL SELF) Tree of Life 3; Brain circuit 8.
CHOKMAH (ETERNAL SELF) Tree of Life 2; Brain circuit 8.
These next two circuits will be addressed for now as though they were a single brain circuit as scientists believe at present. These represent our eighth brain circuit, a portion of our brain we can only access through out-of-body experience. This is the most peculiar of all of our brain circuits. Why should we have a portion of our brain that focuses out of our body so strongly that we must have our spirit leave our body to make us aware of these brain cells? It is because these eighth and ninth sephiroth represent the portion of our brain turned to our eternal self, that “piece of God” we all are. We all at some level know we are eternal beings and that our “self” will survive death in a spirit form. These are the brain cells which maintain that link and at death perform the transfer from physical to spiritual. The abyss represents the great difficulty people have in learning to become aware of this connection and in using this brain circuit to unite with their own eternal selves.

Kether represents the highest aspect of this estate or dimension otherwise called here the Tree of Life. As such, it is the Malkuth of the next estate, dimension, or Tree of Life we will experience in our eternal lives. As we have grown from “children of God” to the level we are now, which might be as a pre-adolescent young man or woman of God, we have gone through what the Bible calls estates and others call past lives on other planets or dimensions. It is normal to have past life memories since they are all held in memory by our eternal selves, our highest power which is in the presence of our heavenly parents. Thus, when we briefly touch our eternal self, we feel the presence of God since our eternal self is in the presence of God and even helped set up the system of learning for this dimension (estate, Tree of Life). Kether represents a set of brain cells receiving glory from the next dimension we have yet to experience. When we finish with this estate, we will move to the next by moving into Kether and our next eternal learning experience. Tree of Life 1; Brain circuit 8.

yeah some of them dont seem to matches but if anybody know better of them plz correct it,… at least is what i think…

You lost me at “circuits”. What the hell does “circuit” refer to?

If you’re trying to say that the kabbalistic sephiroth are somehow directly associated with brain circuits, I think you’re WAY off base.

The Tree of Life and the Sephirotic Diagram are not exactly the same thing. The latter is based upon the first, but I can’t remember what the Tree of Life stands for.

There is a big number of interpretations given to this diagram, but the most commonly accepted is that it’s either a step-by-step guide by which one can achieve divinity, or a blueprint of the composition of a God.

If you follow the first interpretations, the tree can be read from the Upward View (Mortal’s path to God) or Downward View (God’s path to Mortals).

The basic diagram is this:

I think Hochma here should be “Chokmah”, Gevura “Gevurah” and Netzah “Netzach”.

The circles (named “Sephirah”) have several definitions, but the most simplified explanation is that they are traits one must master to achieve divinity.

Going from the Downward View, The three pillars governed by Wisdom (Chokmah) and characterized by being active, Understanding (Binah) as the passive and Keter (Crown) associated with the Will or Grace and representing the perfect harmony of the divine. Keter is the ultimate goal and therefore, the point in which one fully enters in contact with the divine essence.

The Sephirah are divided into the three higher ones (Chokmah, Binah and Keter) which belong to the divine and are influenced by the non-Sephirah or Quasi-Sephirah Da’at (The divine Knowledge). The other belong to the creation and material realm.

The Upward View works similarly, but starting at Malkuth (Kingdom). Malkuth is the point where one begins the path towards God, or finishes the path away from him. Basically, under Malkuth is the realm of the mortals.

The material Sephirah are: Chesed (Mercy), Gevurah (Judgement), Tipheret (Beauty), Netzach (Victory), Hod (Glory), Yesod (Foundation) and Malkuth.

There is another form of the Sephirotic Diagram in which four worlds are presented. In this case the drawing (Which looks like two or three diagrams pasted over each other) becomes a lot more complicated with some of the Sephirah changing roles depending on which world they belong to. I’m not even going to try to explain that one.

Cid, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not the one who wrote that just by looking at the grammar. I doubt he’s implying anything beyond the Sephirah supposedly matching the characters.

thx for telling the truth, if i dont heard that kind of things i probably already think that was true, i really aprecciate that coments from all of you and your knowledge about the sephiroth thx!!!

Hes not coming back. Is he? Is it safe to come out?

We all know that the creators and translators of FF7 put a bunch of religious words and near-words into the game to make it seem deep, but this is really taking it too far.

Go back to the gamefaqs sephiroth circlejerk.

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When I saw “The sephiroth” it made me think of “The Christ” (and the Passion thereof).

Which is appropriate, because ‘the sefira’ is sort of Judaism’s version of Christ…

Might as well mention that Sephiroth means enumeration in Hebrew
Japanese VG makers and Kabbalah, what an interesting mix.
And playing the Xeno series (Gears and Saga) I can appreciate Madonna’s fascination with Jewish mysticism ;


ES = Ein Sof

As for Nietzsche (Saga’s titles), there is something of Kabbalah in his philosophy.

To my understanding, the ‘sefira’ is the logos - the link between God and man - in Christianity believed to be Christ… I’m not sure how enumeration fits into this…

It literally means “counting” - as in you start at the bottom and go up to the top.

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Good eye, I hadn’t noticed that one! Although it only reinforces the fact that the Monolith guys just pic random religious imagery from a hat when naming things, since I see little relation between that and Jacob’s sons.

That diagram looks like the one that was used somehow in End of Evangelion. Dont remember where or how as it was a while ago, but it looks familiar.

Evangelion used a shitload of Judeochristian myths in it without bothering to try to make it work. Hell, I think the creators of the show openly admitted to not really researching it at all.

As far as Evangelion goes, I think that they were used pretty well. All the names used fit their elements well enough, and almost all the fights against the Angels show that they knew at the very least the most common myths.

They admitted they just liked the names, and didn’t know what the hell they meant.