The Rose is a Mirror to Thee

I haven’t been posting my poems lately, but I thought I’d put up this one. Let me know whether you like it.

<u>The Rose is a Mirror to Thee</u>
Between our tender-felt eternities
Of dozing half-dreams and soft-closéd eyes,
I sometimes stir and glimpse this rose, at ease,
A scarlet idol in gentle disguise.
I glimpse the little belle every so oft,
And notice, bit-by-bit, it gently grows;
From stem, to leaves, to stem, to petals soft,
In accord with nature’s heartbeat, it flows.
The flowing stream of motion sheds its skin,
And lightly drops its fruitful seed earthward.
The brief scarlet idol is here done in;
The rose lives on, an endless motion skyward.
That very rose is a mirror to thee;
Save, as I create you, you create me.

pretty good for a 17th century period piece or whatever youre going for there.