The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I’m a regular attendee of my local RHPS cast (<A HREF=“”>Los Bastardos</A>, who are often mentioned in the notes in <A HREF=“”>Something Positive</A>), and a fan of the movie in general. In fact, lately, I’ve been attending almost every week. I’ve had a full script worth of jokes for some time now, and now I’m to the point where I have jokes that overlap my other jokes. Thus, I’m thinking about joining the cast. Maybe just as a floor walker at first, but I think I should play Frank some day.

Really, I just wanted to know if any of the rest of you are Rocky Sluts (meaning, one who has seen the movie in the theater before; seeing it at home is considered masturbation, and is therefore a sin), and wanted to discuss whether or not I should devote my Saturday nights to such a thing.

[edit] I just realized that they have some pictures of me and my friends on their website. On <A HREF=“”>this page</A>, far right, second picture down, there’s a picture of me. I’m second from the right. The guy on the right is our token Jewish friend.

Hell yea. If I were staying for college, I’d do it myself. It’s a great time in Cambridge and the people are awesome.

I’ve seen RHPS a couple times in a theater. In Cambridge, actually, same place as Cala. It was definitely fun, but not really my style.

If you really get into it, I say go for it. Try to be a cast member. It looks like those are the guys having the most fun anyway.

No, we’ve nothing cool in Norway, especially not in theatres, only Ibsen.

You don’t think Ibsen is cool? :no2:

Hello, I am a level 16 Natural Rocky Slut, pleased to meet you.


No, not really, they’re about the most boring plays written, at least when you go by the stagings I’ve seen.


I’m not sure what I have to do to gain a level. I’ve seen it in the theater some 100+ times now, and have at least 1.5 full AP scripts. What level does that put me at? :smiley:

I have gone a few times. We have this cool old theater downtown where they show it at midnight on saturday. It never fails to entertain.


“Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.”

I assume that I’ve made similar/identical threads in the past, but the severity of my interest in things wanes in and out over years. :smiley:

BTW, anytime that anyone’s in the Dallas area and wants to see it, let me know and I’ll take you to the theater. The local cast is freaking awesome.

I’ve never heard of the rocky horror picture show before? Is it comedy or is it horror…cuz there’s horror in the title. D:

It’s a cult classic comedy musical about a transvestite monster movie doctor.

It’s basicaly Tim Curry running around, and later Meatloaf shows up on a motorcycle. It’s great fun!

I say go for it. Its great fun when you bring friends along. RHPS is one of my all-time favourite movies so I all ways look forward to seeing it beit at a house or the theatre. The plots pretty sketchy and odd but I loved it :slight_smile: Dr.Frank N. Furter and all

It’s a comedy-musical that pokes fun at classic horror films. It’s about two young adults, Brad Majors (<A HREF=“”>Barry Bostwick</A> of <I>Spin City</I>) and Janet Weiss (Academy Award winner <A HREF=“”>Susan Sarandon</A> of <I>Thelma & Louise</I>, <I>Stepmom</I>), who witness the marriage of their high-school friends, Ralph Hapschatt and Betty Monroe. After the marriage, Brad proposes to Janet, and they decide to visit their former teacher, Dr. Everett V. Scott. Along the way, they get lost and end up stranded with a flat tire. They decide to go for help at a castle on the side of the road, where they’re confronted with a traditional horror movie butler, Riff Raff (story author <A HREF=“”>Richard O’Brien</A>), and his sister Magenta (<A HREF=“”>Patricia Quinn</A>). After some dancing (<A HREF=“”>The Time Warp</A>), they’re introduced to their host, Dr. Frank N. Furter (<A HREF=“”>Tim Curry</A>), a transvestite scientist from the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. Frank shows Brad and Janet (along with his other guests) his newest creation, a muscle bound creature named Rocky Horror. After a brief interruption from Rocky’s brain donor, Eddie (<A HREF=“”>Meatloaf Aday</A>), Brad and Janet are shown to their rooms, where they are individually approached by Frank, who tricks them both into having sex with him. After an interruption, Dr. Scott arrives at the castle to investigate the disappearance of his nephew, Eddie. Brad, Janet, and Eddie are turned to stone by Frank’s Medusa device, and are forced to perform, along with Rocky and Columbia, a former follower and sexual partner of Frank’s, in an elaborate floor show of Frank’s device. Half way through the floor show, Frank and the others are interrupted by Riff Raff and Magenta, who plan on taking the castle back to the planet of Transexual, and leaving the others here, minus Frank. After a short struggle, many are left dead, and Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott flee the castle as it blasts off into the sky.

I can’t believe I marked it with a spoiler tag. In the theater, whenever anyone screams out something that ruins the plot, someone shouts “stop ruining the plot” followed by the original person shouting “what plot?”

Update: So, some friends of mine and I joined cast. We’ll all be techies or floor walkers (people who hold lights or shout obscenities). If anyone’s ever in the DFW metroplex, pm me, and I’ll make you come and see our show. :smiley: