The return of the haikus

Frustration abounds
The finals are upon me
I want to get out

Sister graduates.
Now I am left to myself
To rule school next year.

This year has been stressful
Yet very rewarding
Now I hope for it to end.

5-7-5 OFX

Sinistral sucks ass
Oh crap, what did I just say
Somebody help me!

Indeed you’ll need help,
Xelopheris, if you please
no crap like that here

Summerjob brings in cash,
Yet I rot close to bore-death,
Is this worth the shot?

What are you doing
then Maba? I’m at tourist-
information, me.

Tomorrow I go
On field trip to nearby farm.
I will ride the cows. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I have visions
of Val being a cowgirl.
Such thoughts disturb me. :wink:

As they should, Lunar,
For such a thought scares even me,
The Queen of Candra.

I make many a thing,
lunches n’ brunches zany,
for people ready to fly away.

I stand next to belts,
which convey a roll fresh anew,
slapping cheese afew.

Sometimes it gets dull,
so I go and eat a bull,
Cafeteria lady’s nice.

Pay’s good, I’m not rude,
I’m one lucky dude for this - why?
It’s my first job! True!

Mourn not the shepard
Boy, who, crying wolf, ends as
Crunchy lupo-snacks

That’s it. I’m all haiku’d out.:thud:

Originally posted by Sinistral
Frustration abounds
The finals are upon me
I want to get out

My finals are done
So now I’ll mock Sinistral
Haw haw you’ve got tests

I shouldn’t laugh though
Finals are sad not funny
This line is filler

A light I seek,
Hidden far away,
My future and my hope.

Originally posted by Sinistral
5-7-5 <strike>OFX</strike> Manus

I think the problem
is that no one sounds them out
Before they post them.

But it does sound odd,
Repeating two lines of words
To yourself out loud

I suggest moving
Your fingers to the rhythm
Instead of your lips

Either way, they should
check. It’s a stupid mistake
to make constantly.

And also, generally each of line of the Haiku is either an independant or dependant clause, VE. Dividing up two sentences into syllabic lines isn’t really poetry :stuck_out_tongue: