The Renegade

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Dated…and deleted.

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Beginning of time: (Year 0)

Cosmos is created.
Cosmos is an elliptical object with two entities inside.
These entities are the Good and the Bad Will.
They are responsible for keeping the Universe balanced between evil and good.
This Cosmos started to travel, and has he traveled he created all life.

Years later: (Around year 204)

After traveling and creating life, the cosmos starts to go unstable.
The cause? People were beginning to become either purely evil or purely good, no more balanced individuals.

Years later: (Around year 234)

The Cosmos starts to fracture.
As he fractures, the Bad and the Good go separate ways.
((We will call the Bad DSC and the Good GSC…DSC = Dark Side of the Cosmos ::: GSC = Good Side of the Cosmos))
As they go separate ways, DSC starts to find ways to destroy existence, as his nature so demands, and GSC starts to create Unogod (For he cannot fight, his nature so stops him from
doing so), the being where he placed all his intentions to save the universe from DSC, meaning, as he could not fight, he gave his powers to a being he created so he could fight for him.

Months later: (Around year 234)

Following these last events, Unogod starts to battle DSC to stop him. The energy coming out of this battle was so immense that sparkles of energy could be seen roaming free.
Unogod was able to sustain DSC’s power, and after a few days battling, DSC ran away to recharge his batteries.
Unogod, fearing he was not able to sustain DSC for much longer, decided it would be better to have more than one being responsible for the Universe’s salvation, so he decided to split himself in multiple beings, Gods, these would be responsible each for a specific task.
Unogod seized to exist, and the Gods created from him settled in different Planets, able to communicate with one another through the Olympus, the place created by Unogod for the effect.
There Unogod placed an untamable weapon, one weapon so powerful that it could not be controlled, he called it the Silver Dark Phoenix, harbinger of Renewal.
The purpose of this Phoenix was to reset the Universe should he get out of hand or badly damaged.
The Gods would survive to give birth to a new Universe.
Meanwhile, on Earth, a mad scientist started to gather the energy he could get a hand on, the one coming from the great battle.
The nature of this battle was unknown to all humans, for they were not allowed to know the truth behind their creation or behind the beings controlling their existence, for their own safety.
The mad scientist, answering to the name of Serand, realizing the amount of energy he had in hands, decided to do something wild.
He assimilated the Earth to another Planet, the same as to say that he made the Earth eat another Planet.
The Gods, after witnessing such bold act, gathered and discussed the situation.
The action was already completed, and the Gods, as punishment, decided to confine the Earth’s life to six stones: the stone of fire, water, wind, earth, space and time.
These were protected by behemoths, for the Earth’s own good, but should anything happen to these stones, and doom was upon the Earth, the same as to say the Earth would stop existing.
The population of the Planet ate by the Earth settled in towns around the world.
All Planets were given by the Gods a place where the dead could be visited; they called those places Death Valley.
DSC, refreshed and raring to go, released, as consequence of his excitement, an amount of energy so big it actually split the Universe in two, the same as to say, there was a riff between the two Universes, consequence of the distortion of time and space caused by the energy wave released by DSC.
This distortion lead the Earth’s Death Valley to go unstable, for the Earth was close to that riff.
The Gods then decided, they would give an Earthling the power to restore the Cosmos.
They gave Ohgohb said power, and as a consequence, he was able to restore the Death Valley and calm the spirit of the dead.
After that, he was contacted by the Gods, but he refused the task, and went to hide.
Ohgohb Canyon was the place where he went to hide.
Named after himself, he died in a cave in Ohgohb Canyon.
The task he had been offered to do was one very simple.
GSC was not able to fight or to stop DSC’s intentions, so he created Unogod.
But, he is the key to restore the Cosmos.
While DSC roams free, GSC is confined to an energy ball called Geosphere, this Geosphere is a very, very, very small Planet built only of energy.
There are four Knights, called knights of the Geosphere.
These are creations that were born from the union of DSC and GSC while still inside the cosmos, meaning, the Knights represent unity of Good and Evil, that is to say: The common man.
So how exactly is the Cosmos reunited or restored?
By finding the Knights of the Geosphere, kept in a small rock-only Planets around the Geosphere, and waking them up, they can unite with the Geosphere and attract the DSC into the Geosphere.
The Geosphere will then become the Cosmos.
The task of waking the Knights of the Geosphere was given to Ohgohb, who declined.
But why can’t the Gods do it? Because the world is where humans live, they are the ones that roam on the great circle of life, so it is theirs the task to save the Universe they live in.
The Gods are only guidelines and helping hands, but not the ultimate saviors.
After Ohgohb declined to take the responsibility of saving the Universe, the Gods sacrificed a lot of their power to put DSC fast asleep, hidden away in a nearly deserted Planet.
They started to carefully search for someone to take the role of “chosen one”.
A search that would take a lot of time to complete.

In these sections I shall explain particular events.

GSC has the Geosphere and the Olympus.
DSC, although he already has the ability to roam the Universe freely, spreading mayhem where he pleases, he also has another trait to his character.
That trait is the Deadzone.
The Deadzones are manifestations of an evil presence; these deadzones will consume the worlds over time, to the point of turning them into dead Planets.
As for the Geosphere and the place where the Knights of the Geosphere are sleeping, so there is no doubt, DSC cannot access them.
He can actually reach near them, but he cannot touch something that is his total opposite, so there is no way he could destroy either the Geosphere or the Knights of the Geosphere.
The Death Valley incident was explained by the Earth’s priests as a consequence of the humans disturbing the sleep of the dead, in the effort of seeing them once again.
Obviously this is not the truth, but the truth will never be known.
The Deadzones growth was delayed because DSC was put to sleep.

920 years later: (Around year 1154)

In the Earth’s religious capital (Requiem), a struggle between priests and warriors raged.
Their different ideas were the ones to be blamed.
The warriors eventually sailed away to a vacant Island, and there they settled.

950 years later: (Around year 1184)

In a Planet not far from the Earth, an invasion takes place.
The Planet invading was desperate for resources, the Planet invaded had many.
The war dictated the victory of the invader.
The invader took over the other Planet and managed to survive.
The Planet invaded created an organized rebellion, and in secret they developed a plan to strike the enemy down and send him away from their Planet.
The rebellion did not make it and some of the rebels were imprisoned and tortured.
The rebels left grew such a hatred for the invaders who were killing their Planet that they lost their minds, the only thing they thought of was revenge and destruction.
The rebels named themselves, THE RENEGADES.

960 years later: (Around year 1194)

Lion’s Roar, the Earth’s greatest city and the one responsible for the deaths of many people.
There was a grudge between Lion’s Roar and the town of Thrust.
The grudge started when Thrust soldiers decided to take over the Earth, this was the cause of a secret project undergone by the secret scientists’ society of Lion’s Roar.
This was a scientific project, one that was to enhance the strength of the soldiers by allowing their feelings to generate strength.
The project started in secret when, from Glyph, reports came of a man saying he had been contacted by Gods that told him of an invasion on Earth a few years from then.
Lon’s Roar started to secretly prepare for this, in fear.
The project primarily targeted soldiers from Thrust, the presidents of both Lion’s Roar and Thrust were in agreement, and the project started.
But the project went terribly wrong and the soldiers became mental, aggressive and not as strong as they wanted.
A rebel group condemning these acts took over Thrust, and killed the delusional soldiers in secret, to the whole population it was told their relatives (the soldier ones) were sent to an operation to a mountain because of a supposed beast living in it, and that they died there, the beast was then killed by Lion’s Roar’s soldiers, so they said.
The grudge began now, when the rebels took over Thrust and targeted Lion’s Roar to avenge their fellow soldiers and friends.
Lion’s Roar’s excuse to engage in war was that these rebels wanted to conquer the world, cause of a delusional president.
Thrust never revealed the true reasons.
Lion’s Roar was victorious, took over Thrust, but the board would not trust Lion’s Roar’s leader and right after he restarted the scientific project he was fired, and substituted by Joseph Valentine, leader of Lion’s Roar’s army at the time.
Helen, Allen and Sparck were introduced in the reunion of the great city leaders, to discuss amongst other things, the possible invasion and the expedition undertook by Glyph’s explorers.
They were the sons of the presidents of Juno, Uranus and Lion’s Roar respectively.
They became good friends.
Sparck Valentine and Virgil Nomura became then Elite soldiers after the nomination of Joseph Valentine for city leader.
Joseph Valentine, no stranger to the experiments, continued them in secret, the rebel group reassembled and targeted Lion’s Roar.
After the operation that took down the last resistance and after the nomination of his father, which immediately followed said operation, Sparck Valentine and Virgil Nomura went to the underground levels of Lion’s Roar’s building (The building where the offices of those responsible for running the city are settled) to check the reports from the officials of
Lion’s Roar, discovering reports they could not decipher, all concerning the scientific project.
Meanwhile, Ashe, a Renegade, became a member of the rebellion to investigate Joseph Valentine who should lead him to Sparck Valentine, who was, according to the Renegades’ leader, the main obstacle to their operation on Earth.
The grudge restarted, Sparck and Virgil were submitted to the scientific experiment without them knowing they were.
Sparck and Virgil then fought once again the rebellion, and they found reports of some strange unknown fighters amongst the rebels.
They were then introduced to a hoax, one that was started by Joseph Valentine, to elude them of the origins of their mighty strength.
After this event, they fought the rebellions once again, and noticed something strange on one of the fighters.
After this event, they were intrigued.
Joseph Valentine found they had been snooping on the secret reports.
Sparck Valentine and Virgil Nomura now knew about the whole operation, after reading some reports on the underground levels.
They remained quiet though.
Joseph Valentine sent them on an investigation to the site where a group of explorers went, expecting it to be the landing site of the supposed Earth invaders.
The explorers hadn’t sent any messages for two months.
Lion’s Roar, as capital of the Earth, decided it was time to investigate this event.
Virgil and Sparck went there and found a ship on the lower level of the landing site.
They also found the explorers dead.
They fought some fiends, said to appear only in places were sin, death and evil had been.
Their ship was destroyed, so they walked back home.
But as they traveled through the scorching heat of the desert, they found a fortress; it said “Renegades Fortress”.
They found a ship there and flew back home.
In the meantime Ashe mobilized some Renegades in order to take over Lion’s Roar and kidnap Sparck.
The rebels invaded Lion’s Roar’s building, Joseph Valentine captured Helen, who was trying to warn Sparck and Virgil not to come back.
Joseph Valentine stopped the first attack with the help of the soldiers who been successfully submitted to the experiments. (Let’s call them U-Soldiers)
Helen overheard Joseph Valentine’s conversation when she went to visit Sparck; she ran away and started to look for him, to see if he was arriving, she was caught then.
Meanwhile, Ashe and some Renegades were prepared to take a move once Sparck was on the place.
Sparck and Virgil arrived; the U-Soldiers captured them and took them to the room where Joseph Valentine was waiting for them.
Virgil was put in a machine that enhanced emotions; he was going to be killed.
Sparck was forced to watch his friend die otherwise he would see Helen be killed as well.
Ashe ordered the Renegades to capture Sparck.
Ashe then left the scene to go back to the other Renegades settled in the Desert Fortress.
The Renegades took the chance, attacked, but before they could do anything, Sparck released an enormous amount of energy, erasing Lion’s Roar from the map.
This happened because Sparck was chosen by the Gods to take the role of “chosen one”.
Sparck accepted, and then he released said amount of energy.
This was a consequence of the power surge he received.
Helen was taken by the God of Justice to Juno, her hometown.
Said God then erased all the memories linked to Sparck, and not just Helen’s ones, but everyone’s memories linked to him.
He also erased Sparck’s memories, and left him in Lion’s Roar.
The Renegades immediately searched Lion’s Roar for Sparck.
They found him, they took him to the Underwater Lab and there Nox began working on Sparck, his goal was to put Sparck empty headed so he could work for the Renegades.
This was in fact Nox’s wish, Void wasn’t so sure he wanted Sparck alive, but trusting Nox’s immense intelligence, he allowed him to pursuit this goal.
Nox created two clones, Lynx and Arma.
One with amazing intelligence, one with amazing strength but little brains.
Nox then used the secret magic.
Said magic had been forbidden and hidden away by the priests (the only beings who can use magic, along with their disciples).
Nox stole it in secret, with everyone unaware of it, including Void.
From that moment on, Sparck and Nox were connected.
For one of them to die, they both had to die.

These particular events take place on THE RENEGADE I - BEFORE CRISIS [[Crisis Collection]]
Here we go again.

So, this last bit introduced the Renegades, introduced the hero of our story and introduced another few things.
To start off, let’s explain what happened in the Renegades Planet.
They were fighting, we remember that, but how did they won?
They were introduced to one of the villains of the story, Void.
This Void, with the help of Nox and with the help of DSC, turned four Renegades into war machines.
They easily defeated the invaders, and declared independence.
The cost; However, was high.
Several lives had been lost during the occupation time.
The Renegades, after the victory, were told of a Planet that could help them restore their own.
Void had told them his master was trapped on Earth, and he needed the Renegades help to rescue him.
His master would then restore their home Planet.
His master was none other than DSC.
But how?
Now we shall return to the story of DSC.
DSC was fast asleep last time we talked about him.
He woke up in the meantime, and he gathered a few servants.
He was ready to have an army of super strong warriors just for himself.
He gave a few blood samples of his own blood, set up a laboratory and initiated a men hunt.
The servants captured several people.
These people were going to be injected with the blood of DSC.
DSC, not very smart for a scientist, was unable to create a super human, and his prisoners started a rebellion against him and his servants.
The Gods, worried about this situation, decided to do one last sacrifice.
They sealed DSC on Earth.
The seal could not be unbreakable, and the Gods decided that they had to find a way to seal it with the maximum safety.
They decided that the seal would be broken if four artifacts were to be placed in a circle in the town of Requiem.
The four artifacts could only be found in a cave.
This cave was sealed, the seal to this cave would be broken if all the essences of those linked to the sin the Earth committed years ago were put together in a single beam.
We are talking about the four stones of balance (The Gods decided to keep two safe from the hands of anyone trying to release DSC, so the Earth could reappear on the other side of the Universe, living only of two stones of balance, and allowing the inhabitants to restore their original home)(The Earth would self-destruct if the four main stones were to be touched)
The stones of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.
Meanwhile, Void, one of the servants, ran way; he was the only survivor of the rebellion.
He was then guided by DSC through mind communication.
Void was told to gather an army and proceed to the Earth.
He gathered the Renegades and traveled to the Earth to release his master.
He took some samples of his master’s blood with him.
These samples were used on four Renegades, those responsible for the liberation of the Renegades’ Planet.
Nox was the genius scientist who was able to conclude the experiment successfully.
As the Renegades landed on Earth, they built a fortress in the Desert to discuss a few things about their mission.
Nox was interested in one thing, in secret.
He found about a magic known only to priests, a magic to bind the fates of two people.
He found about this when they first visited Requiem, to investigate the place and to know how to take over the town.
Void was then informed by his master of a being, a being powerful enough to threaten their operation, to threat even DSC.
DSC knew the Gods had Sparck Valentine on their sight, to become the “chosen one”.
The Renegades then focused on finding Sparck Valentine, the whereabouts of Sparck were unknown to DSC because the Gods made him immune to such powers of DSC.
Nox was secretly finding this magic in Requiem; he wanted to find someone who still knew about it.
He eventually found someone and after being taught how to use it, he killed the scared priest.
He knew now how to bind fates together.
And no one knew the evil genius had it.
About the man who said he was told about an invasion in his dreams by the Gods etc…
The Gods have specific tasks; that was said before; one of the Gods is responsible for finding someone to whom he will give the ability to talk to Gods, so he can aid the “chosen one” in his quest.
That man was the first one to be chosen for that task, only he was killed by the Renegades during the exploration, and few people actually gave him any credit.
The Renegades did arrive at Earth on the day the man foretold, and when they arrived, the explorers found them.
They were killed then.

Months later (Around year 1195):

Now we begin the events that take place on THE RENEGADE I - DARKNESS WITHIN [[Main Collection]]
Allen ran away from the Renegades (For he was working for them) after being captured in the takeover of Uranus.
He participated in the takeover of Juno which followed the takeover of Uranus.
He worked for them for he was a good fighter, and the Renegades thought he could be a good help.
Floyd ran away from the Renegades as they took over Requiem.
Floyd was there, but he was originally from an Island where the warriors lived (after being expelled from Requiem by the Priests).
In the battle between the warriors and the Priests in which Floyd participated, still very young, the warriors were once again defeated.
Floyd and a few other kids stayed with the Priests after their fathers were killed in the battle.
Floyd failed to run away from the Renegades who took him with them to Uranus, because of his abilities the Renegades thought he could be a good help.
Helen ran to a tunnel built by her father when the Renegades started the takeover (Of the Earth).
Helen kept going till she encountered Sparck wandering.
Sparck had destroyed the Lab with an energy burst and had run away from it that same day.
The tunnel ended in the mountains between Juno and Uranus.
Allen returned to Uranus after going to the mountains in the vicinity of Uranus.
The Renegades prepared to go to Godstone to get the stone of Earth.
Floyd was on one of the teams that was to go, but a few missing members delayed his team’s voyage.
Allen encountered Floyd at this point; they escaped the Renegades and formed a duo.
They departed towards Godstone, but as they reached Juno they encountered Julie.
At this point, Nox is in the Underwater lab making a thorough search on the destroyed lab, while Void and the other Renegades are waiting for the team from Uranus.
Julie encountered the Renegades in Godstone and witnessed them entering the cave to get the stone.
She departed to Uranus because a Helicopter went in that direction, a Helicopter belonging to the Renegades, a Helicopter leaving Godstone.
She told this to the heroes, and the three joined to return to Uranus.
Meanwhile Sparck and Helen are making their way towards Uranus so Helen meets up with her friend Allen.
By this moment, Nox is waiting for the stone to introduce it in the machine that is going to harbor the essences of the stones and of the peoples from the Planet the Earth ate, to open the portal to the cave where the artifacts that will release DSC from his prison are.
The Renegades are now making a move to Aquarius to get the Water stone.
Sparck and Helen infiltrate in the Uranus building (Same description as Lion’s Roar’s building) and they almost get a hand on the stone.
Nox and Ashe, after introducing the stone in the machine and after closing the entrance to the place where it was, ran away.
Helen and Sparck left the building and encountered the other three heroes.
After the success at Aquarius the Renegades gather in Juno with Nox and Ashe.
Then the Renegades go to Uranus.
The heroes and the Imperial Renegades (Felix Dragon; Masamune Uematsu; Lion Wildfire; Virgil Darklord) fight.
Then the Renegades run away to complete their mission.
They took the machine with them.
The heroes make way to Ohgohb Canyon to talk with Helen’s grandfather about the stones they had seen.
Helen’s grandfather was an explorer and was friend of Julie’s grandfather.
Julie’s grandfather was the man contacted by the Gods.
The Renegades made their way to Grandia to collect the stone of Wind and to collect the spirits of the Bird People (One of the four peoples inhabiting the Earth that came from the other Planet, the one the Earth ate).
The Renegades moved quickly to Drakehelm to collect the souls of the Lizard People (Another people of the Planet the Earth Ate)
Ethan follows the Renegades after their invasion in Drakehelm.
Ethan was training to fight the Renegades, and his training took him to Drakehelm.
The Renegades reach Silmeria to collect the souls of the Cat People (Another people)
The heroes then go to Silmeria too.
They were told about these funny people by Helen’s grandfather.
Silmeria was very close to Ohgohb Canyon, and the heroes decided to check.
Then, in Silmeria, Ethan attacks the Renegades.
The Renegades take down the helicopter used by Ethan to attack them.
They protected the soul captor device and after collecting the souls of the Cat People they ran away.
Virgil Darklord stood behind to fight the heroes.
They defeated Virgil and he told them about the Renegades plan.
The Renegades had in the meantime gone to their last destinations.
First Golduck, to collect the last stone, the stone of Fire.
Then they departed to Lost Shore for the last people’s souls, the souls of the Turtle People.
The heroes gone after them in a Floatship (An air vehicle with good fire power, and large bulk)
The Renegades were already going with the artifacts to Requiem when they met the heroes.
The Floatships battled for a while, and then the three Imperials left jumped over to the heroes’ Floatship.
Nox jumped too, to meet with Sparck.
Nox tells Sparck his story, part of it actually.
Then the heroes and the Imperials fight.
They killed the Imperials and Nox, with an immense help from Sparck.
The Floatship was badly damaged and crashed right outside Requiem.
Void and the Renegades army stood against the heroes one more time.
DSC fought as well, and his physical body was destroyed by Sparck’s immense power.
Then Nox appeared and told Sparck about the fate linking magic.
Sparck “killed” himself and the heroes killed Nox.

Months Later: (Around year 1196)
And now for the events of THE RENEGADE II - REQUIEM FOR EARTH
Allen, Helen and Floyd were contacted by Denen.
Denen was the man chosen to have the ability to talk to the Gods on their sanctum (Place inside of a Planet where the Gods’ soul rests).
Denen told them he needed their help to gather people.
Denen told them he had been sent by the Gods to save the people from Earth, for the Planet was going to self-destruct.
They believed him and joined forces.
They kept this mission a secret.
They did not want the other two heroes to lose their focus while helping people from attacks of the dark souls (The spirits of the dead from Death Valley)
This attack was just like the one Ohgohb fought.
This time the reason was the Earth’s slow ride towards self-destruction.
On one of their missions (Ethan and Julie’s) they encountered Carrie and Christie, who joined them.
As for the Renegades they were now reunited in the Renegades’ Fortress, in the Desert.
They were able to collect Felix’s body and with the help of the scientists in their group they were able to give him a bionic body.
Felix was then declared their leader.
Elliot, a Renegade, thinking back at the Renegades past, ditched them, and decided to start a new life on Earth, hoping to return one day to his home Planet.
While the heroes (Ethan, Julie, Carrie and Christie) were saving town by town from the attacks, the other heroes had already quite a few Floatships (These ones specially designed to carry people) on the Great Tree Wall (A region with thick trees and a dense vegetation)
The Renegades now had only one purpose, destroy the heroes.
While saving the town of Glyph, the heroes encounter Elliot.
He joins them.
The other heroes also go to Glyph.
They gather.
Then some Renegades arrive at Glyph and fight the heroes.
Then one of the Renegades infiltrates in the airship and warns the other Renegades at the Fortress.
The heroes find him and Floyd, Allen and Ethan go to the Great Tree Wall.
Carrie and Christie return to Glyph to get an extra Floatship to hurry things up.
Floyd Allen and Ethan stall the Renegades.
The other heroes arrive and they finish the Renegades off.
Denen opens a portal to a virgin Planet (This Planet was part of Orion’s Belt Galaxy, and this Galaxy was on the other side of the Universe; Remember the Universe is separated by a rift).

A year later: (Around year 1197)

Elliot, the former Renegade who decided to help the heroes, the first moment he landed on Omega (the virgin Planet where the Earthlings started their new life) tried to get help from planets nearby.
He tried to create a council in order to create a thick defense against possible invaders.
Lynx tried to find the soul of DSC, in order to continue his intentions of destroying and ruling his creation (The Universe).
Sparck landed on the planet of the God of justice, where DSC tried to build his army, and where he was put to sleep.
Arma got away after the arrival, and went to hide himself on the caves of that Planet, where the DSC had first tried to create his army.
He eventually got lost inside, and stayed there.
Sparck landed and investigated the Planet, few months later the heroes arrive there. (They were traveling towards the ‘‘Earth’’ when they found the green Planet, stopping to repair from mechanical problems).
He knew of his clones, and tried to talk with the heroes to get back to them and explain the situation of his running clone.
The heroes found the same airship where Nox had the tape in which he showed Sparck and his clones on the underwater facility.
He finds them there, and tells them his dreams, they are supposed to stop Lynx from doing something terrible, stop him from finding the soul, or ‘‘the remnant’’. (he had dreams where he heard Lynx and DSC)
Before they could make their way towards the ‘‘Earth’’, Elliot called them, saying it was urgent.
Shortly after they arriving to the Planet where Elliot was, still negotiating the agreements of his terms in order to create a great defense system, reports of two Planets fighting each other are given.
The heroes talk with Elliot, and tell him they suspect Sparck’s clone’s behind it.
They travel to the middle of the war, and try to find out what happened.
They have a glimpse of Lynx’s ship, between the two Planets, supposed to be allies.
Lynx was trying to get it done, but the heroes go after him and he runs away.
They go after him.
He ends up landing on Earth.
They arrive there, and confront him.
He was going to make the universe blow away using the cannon the Renegades had first used, with the help of the stones of Space and Time.
He had the soul of DSC, who was about to corrupt the heroes, but Sparck took it from him, and fought him, ending up victorious.
The heroes prevented the cannon from blowing up, tearing it apart.
The Earth however, would self-destruct once again, because the stones of power had gone once and for all, with the use of the last two.

Here we go to that moment where I try to simplify and explain things from the previews events.
Starting up with the stories of Lynx, Sparck, and Arma.
Arma and Lynx were taken by the current to the Priest Village shore, and there they stood unconscious.
Then Lynx was contacted by DSC, he wanted Lynx to find his soul.
Arma woke up after Lynx’s outburst; he followed him in secret, in a boat Lynx used to get to Juno.
Sparck was taken by the current to the Southern shore, near Juno, as soon as he woke up he saw Lynx.
Intrigued by this character, which was just like him, he followed him secretly; Sparck was unaware of Arma’s presence though.
Lynx then found a spaceship, with a tape from Nox in it.
Sparck got in another spaceship and went after him.
Arma was hiding inside Sparck’s spaceship.
Lynx, a whiz kid, put the ship going hyper fast, but the ship didn’t make it very long and he landed on a Planet nearby.
He was warned by DSC of another ship on that planet (the Planet where Sparck will land, and the Planet where DSC made his experiments), that he could use to find his soul (DSC’s).
He took it, and kept looking after it.
The ship was from the inhabitants of that Planet, who after the events, sealed off the area to their relatives, and basically started to live only on the farthest areas possible from the DSC experiments area.
The tape with Nox’s revelation was left inside the spaceship in which Lynx travelled to that Planet.
Sparck, long after this, found that Planet, and decided to land, try to see if he could get help, like supplies, ammo, and information on this Universe.
He ended up finding no one, and instead, he found a ship and the tape in it.
He stood in that Planet though, for a few months, he tried to find people in it, and investigated the cave as well, never finding Arma though, who had lost himself inside.
He’s ship’s fuel was burnt by the corrosive soil of the Planet, leaving him trapped in that Planet. (Notice, Lynx’s spaceship had no fuel, and the one he found was outside this corrosive soil)
The heroes, after arriving at Omega, the virgin Planet, tried to use what they had saved to live, and basically used what they had in hands to build their houses.
Shortly after, a Planet from the Order of the Orion Belt (A galaxy, in which Omega is placed) discovered signs of life coming from the planet, not animals, but humans.
They went there, the heroes told them their story, and they agreed to help, Elliot also saw his chance to try and put Omega on the map of the Order of the Orion Belt (The galaxy’s council) and immediately tried to make measures of his own.
Omega’s growth was fast paced, and a few months later we find ourselves in a very advanced Planet, with a small amount of inhabitants and occupied space.
The heroes had a normal life, and never did they expect to have another adventure in hands.
But months after their arrival at the other side of the Universe, and at Omega, they received news from two space explorers, during Elliot’s presentation in front of the council to create a unified defense system.
The news were brought by the explorers Clyde and Yara.
They reported and showed images of a Planet that was not originally where he was found, nor anywhere else, it was a new Planet, semi-destroyed, and it was the Earth in fact.
The Earth self-destructed on one side of the Universe, but resurrected on the other side, without wilderness, only filled with twisted metal, and with two stones keeping it alive, but not healthy.
The soul of DSC has properties such as creating feelings of hatred, if triggered by Lynx, which lead to the battle between those two allied planets.
The goal of Lynx was to attract the heroes’ attention and get them to the Earth, trying to destroy them there, with the soul of DSC, but also with the cannon, or even as a last resource, the Earth’s self-destruction.
He took a few months to find the soul of DSC.
[[((Info: These events are further explained in ‘‘The Renegade III - The Remnant’’ of the normal series))]]
So far we have witnessed the ending of the forces of The Renegades, starting with Void and Nox and ending with Lynx, then the destruction of the Earth, we can say that a chapter has come to a closure.
The Earth was gone for good.
The Evil forces were gone for good.
And a new life for the heroes began.
This next chapter of our story will bring about the true colors of the story.
Finally the heroes have time and conditions to start looking for the Knights of the Geoshpere.
The Deadzone finally starts to show himself.
The why it took so long to appear was because of the fact that DSC was never actually very present, either asleep or in captive, and not doing bad deeds, so only after the events
that took place on the trilogy of the normal series was his presence truly felt, and consequently leading to the slow appearance of the Deadzone.

Months later: (Around year 1198)

Denen has a dream with the God from Omega (The Neo Earth spirit, since Gods only live in inhabited Worlds)
He tells him he needs to speak with him, but alone.
Denen departs towards his location.
The heroes wake up with a message from him, saying he had to visit a relative in a hurry and he didn’t want to bother them, and also that they needn’t to worry.
Denen then received the mission to find the location of the Knights of the Geosphere.
The heroes then notice the Deadzone, and sit around with Elliot, trying to gather info of deadzones around Orion’s Belt.
They find out that the deadzones cover parts of other Planets around the galaxy.
They gather trying to find a solution.
The council reveals itself useless, and the heroes end up not knowing what to do, yet with the responsibility to help Orion Belt getting rid of the Deadzone.
Denen returns, and tells them of their mission, and of what they have to do to stop the Universe from decaying.
They try to get there, but a sudden attack and the imprisoning of Sparck stop them from starting their mission.

This is where I explain the ideas of the previews part, just in case you’d forgotten

How did Denen knew where the Knights were?
Why was Sparck imprisoned?
Who was the author of the attack?
Ok, let’s get those doubts out of your heads.

Denen was informed that the Knights were somewhere near the Planet of energy.
Denen investigated this Planet, called Geosphere, travelling through the portals created by Elliot’s scientists, in order to make it easier to get to further parts of the Universe.
He travelled around it, and found a small meteor, were he saw the figures of the Knights of the Geosphere.
After knowing where the Geosphere and the Knights were, he went back to tell the heroes were it was and to tell them why they had to do it and what they had to do.
During that travel, he decided to stop by the Planet where they found Sparck.
He saw some strange marks on the cave Sparck had investigated.
He went to further investigate these marks.
As he went down, he found traces of blood, and marks of heavy violence.
Scared, he hit the road to quickly arrive at the Planet where the heroes were.

Ok, so I took care of the first question, now to answer those two last questions, I’ll use one simple question: Arma.
If you remember, Arma was lost inside the cave, he was then possessed by a being called Shadow, to whom I’ll return later, and started to attack everything in his path.
Since Arma is a clone of Sparck, the authorities thought he was the one responsible for the attack, and took him to prison.
Finally, to explain who Shadow is:
Shadow was a being under construction during the period following to the fracture of the Universe in two.
After years of evolving his own existence, he learnt how to possess bodies, and searched for Arma’s, with only one purpose, destroy, and in a way, avenge for his own meaningless existence.
[[((Info: These events are further explained in ‘‘The Renegade IV - Unfathomed Reminiscence’’ of the normal series))]]
Interlude (These are the events never shown in the normal series, that follow the events of TR IV - U. R (Part1) and precede TR IV - U. R. (Part2)

Weeks later: Fearing that Arma was involved, and after Denen was urgently summoned by Omega’s God, they found out about this creature, and were told of the existence of the Ethertime.
This is a dimension created after the fracture of the Universe, with a captive human inside, forever bound to make sure that the time flew the same way in both
Universes, a creation of the first God, whose knowledge was hidden inside the ‘‘Olympus’’, and found by the good cosmos.
Never did they predicted that this would happen, and aware that the only way to defeat the shadow is to feed him something he cannot bear, which was light, the Gods then informed the heroes of a strong source of light, a gigantic sun, created by the Gods, in order to stop the Shadow.
As the shadow’s power grew bigger, he also grew in size.
The key was to stop the Shadow just before the Sun’s appearance, so they could prevent any more damage.
They used the power of the Ethertime controller to stop for as long as he could (around an hour), and wait for the appearance of the sun.
Only to get there, they needed highest tech, and in despair, they had the idea, to revive Nox, tech man himself.
After begging, the Gods revived Nox, under a certain condition.
The deal was that, Nox, to die again, needed one of the others to die alongside him, the same he had done to Sparck.
The ones that participated in this quest were Sparck and Floyd.
Nox came back to life, and started working for the heroes’ profit.

Weeks later: (Around year 1198)
After Nox found a way inside the Ethertime dimension, the heroes went straight into it
The Shadow had been causing trouble, trying to get in the way of the heroes
The heroes got inside of Ethertime and stopped the Shadow, freezing him.
Then they waited for the sun to vanquish the Shadow.
Its immense light vanquished him, and Arma, free, was invited by the Ethertime controller to keep him company, Nox asked the same, the heroes seeing nothing wrong accepted these requests.
Arma to keep company and to protect himself, Nox to research this dimension in his quest for knowledge and to better understand the Universe.

Weeks later: (Around year 1198)
The heroes decided to take a little rest before taking on the Knights of the Geosphere.
But, inside the Ethertime, Nox’s memory collided with the Ether surrounding Ethertime Dimension, the result? The Renegades, the Imperials, Lynx and the Earth (The Neo-Earth) where back on the map, alive.
After this event, Nox got out and took Arma as his bodyguard.
The ones that were revived were in the revived Earth, destroyed like it was when living only of two stones of power.
Void tried to gather the Renegades once again. Void was being convinced by DSC to find his soul, but before he could even decide, Lynx killed him.
Meanwhile Nox and Arma were killing the Renegades so they were alone to conquer to Universe.
Felix found out and joined forces with the Imperials and Lynx to stop Nox and Arma.
Then they all joined forces to kill the heroes.
DSC was ignored by the villains, for they had no trust in DSC whatsoever, and because he brought them nothing but death.
The heroes, who were taking a time out, were suddenly surprised by an attack on the city they were living in.
They identified, terrified, the symbol of the Renegades.
They had no idea what was going on, they fought them, and were forced to run away because Elliot was desperately calling them.
They fought their way back to their spaceship.
Elliot told them that the Earth was back on the radar.
The heroes then decided that they had to talk to the Ethertime Controller to know more about the situation.
When they arrived on Omega to use Nox’s machine (the one that would allow them into the Ethertime Dimension) they fought the villains once again.
This time they fought Arma and Masamune, killing them in the process, but also losing Julie and Ethan in the battle.
The other villains after spreading chaos in Omega went to search for them, only to find them dead.
But as the heroes were making their way out, the villains’ spaceship attacked them.
Then the villains entered the heroes’ spaceship.
They fought inside and killed Lion and Virgil, but in the process Elliot and Denen died.
Without any option left, they entered the Ethertime Dimension with Nox, Felix and Lynx inside their spaceship.
Then they all met in Ethertime dimension.
The Phoenix appeared after this.
The heroes did not know about the story surrounding this monster.
The heroes are told by Ethertime Controller what this monster is and what he does.
[[((Info: These events are further explained in ‘‘The Renegade IV - Unfathomed Reminiscence (Part2)’’ of the normal series))]]

And that concludes The Renegade Saga’s plot

Yes, there was no actual ending to the Saga, well that is because there are several possible endings.

(In this ending Julie and Ethan survive)
After Ethertime Controller’s revelation, Sparck, Helen, Ethan and Julie were taken by him to the Olympus so they could survive the Silver Dark Phoenix, while Floyd
Carrie and Christie accepted to be saved but to live normal lives till their deaths. (A life in the new Universe)
The other characters would fight until all was destroyed.
The heroes left would go to sleep inside a special chamber in the Olympus so that they could aid other heroes in their endeavors to restore the Cosmos, something that was impossible for the original heroes because of all the unexpected events that didn’t allow them to.
Anytime the situation could get out of hand, they would be summoned and help the heroes finish their task, uniting the Knights of The Geosphere with the Geosphere, restoring the Cosmos.

The heroes would actually die, all of them.
The Universe would be reset, and a new one would start his life.

The heroes would actually attempt to save the Universe.
While the Silver Dark Phoenix destroyed everything in their path, some of the heroes would be trying to unite the Knights of the Geosphere with the Geosphere.
They would succeed.

ENDING FOUR (Official):
The heroes attempt to save the Universe, but this time with the help of the Villains (Only Nox, the others would be killed by Silver Dark Phoenix’s Spawnfeathers [Small phoenixes] and by the heroes).
After the restoration of the Cosmos, heroes and villains would be living separately.

In the end, the heroes try to save the Universe, they take Nox with them because of his genius and kill the other villains just in case.
They succeed.
I still have something else to bother you with, the all important director’s cut short film that follows the events of ENDING FOUR

A month after the events of THE RENEGADE, the heroes realize something, the people are no different, and the deadzones aren’t ‘‘dying’’ at all, just like the Gods predicted it would happen
After letting Nox work for them to help them in any way he could, to prove that he was interested only in science, the heroes have in their hands another ‘‘I smell something fishy about this’’ moment. And they knew Nox wasn’t involved this time…
And to their unfortunate luck, it would be short after their realization of ‘‘something’s not right here’’ that things would get caliente.
From Beta, the heroes receive a call.
This call informed them that they were receiving within a few hours a dark black full-a-holes rock, one the scientists of Beta couldn’t identify the component composing said rock.
Since Nox was the master scientist, they sent the rock to Omega to have Nox look at it.
After all this, and after the events in THE RENEGADE, I know a few questions were left hovering.

Such as: Why couldn’t the Gods Really get involved in the matters of the world? Why did Shadow Really appear? Why did Nox’s memories and the Ether react that way?
Why would GSC only be able to create Gods that could not interfere with the Universe? Why did the ‘‘Soul’’ of DSC never Really died?
Why did the blood samples from DSC Really transformed ordinary warriors into war gods?
How did the Cosmos Really created Life? Why could the Cosmos unite itself only in the presence of the Knights of the Geosphere?
Why weren’t the Deadzones clearing out? Why where people not different at all?
How did the Gods Really conjured that Sun to kill the Shadow?

The answer? well…the dark-black-full-a-holes rock that no one knew what it was.
Going back to the story, the heroes receive the rock and give it to Nox to find out what that rock is in fact.
The answer he came back with? Raw Ether.
After a few investigations, Nox realized the damage done to the rock had been caused by energy alone, the same sort of energy he noticed to exist in the Ethertime Dimension.
The conclusion from all this?

Ok, let’s explain it then

That Raw Ether was from the Geosphere. When the Knights united with the GSC and the Energy on the Geosphere they combined, creating another Cosmos, but that other Cosmos
is no more than a result of the Reproduction of Ether.
To simplify, when the Ether met the knights, the energy was so big that the Ether reproduced, creating another Geosphere, called Cosmos and having DSC in it as well.
DSC was trapped by GSC. You may wonder why? the answer is still this Raw Ether, but wait till I get there.
When Ether reproduces, he leaves behind the Raw Ether that served as vehicle. To simplify, Raw Ether when in contact with great energy generates Ether.
When that Energy leaves to another place in result of a Reproduction of Ether, the Raw Ether that first reacted with that Energy stays behind.

To answer the questions now.

Why did Nox’s memories and the Ether react that way? The Ether’s main property is the capacity it has to convert Brain’s impulses into ‘‘living things’’. So what happened was that
Nox’s deep desire for The Renegades to reappear, and to Lynx reappear where used by the Ether to ‘‘revive’’ all that people and the Neo-Earth.

From this Q and A I’ll go to the next Q, How did the Cosmos really created life? Following the same principle taken for the question before, the Brain impulses from DSC and GSC, who live inside Ether, created the Universe, hence the fact that people have a bit of both Good and Evil in them.

Why couldn’t the Gods really get involved in the matters of the World? Well, when GSC and DSC saw the Universe, they thought they had created it (And they did, but they never knew why exactly) When the Cosmos fractured (Not because of the reason previously given, but because Ether is in every living Planet to keep it alive, and living in every human in order to give him strength, although this Ether does not have the same property has the other Ether in Planets and GSC and DSC and in the Gods, meaning humans cannot have the reaction with the Ether they have inside of them like Nox had with Ether in Ethertime Dimension. The Ether in Planets requires energy, that energy comes from the Cosmos, when the Cosmos has not enough energy to keep having DSC and GSC inside, the Cosmos fractures.) DSC and GSC gone sideways.
While the nature of DSC allows him to interfere with the Universe, GSC’s nature doesn’t.
So, while DSC has great power due to the fact that his body has a lot more Ether than the normal human being (He practically has Ether all over, but being the nature of that which constitutes humans, he cannot create things with that Ether) GSC’s nature makes him believe he should stop his brother DSC and help the humans having a stable and controlled Universe, but without interfering in it, for he believes the Universe is not his to live on, so when he created the Gods, his thought gave those Gods power enough to control the Universe and create Silver Dark Phoenixes and Sparcks (If I make my point clear) but alas, just like him, unable to interfere directly with the Universe. So when he thought of a way to join the Cosmos again, he thought of a powerful energy source, enough to capture DSC. So the Ether, by giving form to GSC’s deep wishes, created Unogod, keeping him with the mentality of GSC, of not interfering directly with the Universe.

Why would GSC only be able to create Gods that could not interfere with the Universe? Answered before.

Why did the ‘‘Soul’’ of DSC Really never died? Because his Soul is purely Ether, Ether is not destroyable, and since it has power enough to allow DSC to keep talking to people, you can figure that this Ether, although unable to give form to Brain impulses, is more powerful than the one running in his veins, that one, destroyable, for it was not pure Ether, but Ether mixed with blood and with the organic matter that constitutes the human body.

Why did the blood samples from DSC Really transformed ordinary warriors into war gods? The Ether in DSC’s veins, although destructible, is way more powerful than human’s Ether.
So when the Ether in the veins of DSC was injected in the Imperial Renegades, they became much more powerful. The reason why it worked was because Nox calculated the precise amount of energy that blood had to have to be possible for a human to withstand. While Nox knew this, DSC didn’t, and the bodies he injected his blood with rejected the amount of Ether received and turned it useless, lifeless (This happens because Ether need energy, otherwise it will turn into Raw Ether, and the human body can only gather that much energy at once, and for this reason the Ether that couldn’t get energy, died. The Raw Ether that was created inside altered them and turned them aggressive (We’re talking about those who were injected by DSC, not by Nox)) Nox tried a few times and got it right.
The Ether inside humans does not use the full capacities of the human body, since there is no need for it.
Why could the Cosmos unite itself only in the presence of the Knights of the Geosphere? When DSC wished for a way to stop DSC, apart from all those things we know already, he also created the Knights of the Geosphere, only to be freed by humans, again because of the same principle that stopped him from interacting directly with the Universe.
These Knights are no more than pure energy with the form of humans. This is to allow the Geosphere to reproduce and create a super powerful Geosphere capable of harboring both GSC and his brother DSC inside.

Why did Shadow Really appear? When DSC woke up, he released a lot of energy, energy enough to interact with Raw Ether existing around the Universe. This reaction created a being almost as powerful as DSC, only not complete. Why? Because the thoughts that were carried along with that power surge were clear enough to give that Ether a shape, but not clear enough to give him a clear shape. The Shadow carried the thoughts of DSC of domination over the Universe. He only appeared when fully created. Ether does not shape itself instantly, it takes time. Although in this case, it took longer because it was trying to identify the impulses which were not clear, until it gave up and created Shadow as we know it.

Why weren’t the Deadzones clearing out? Why where people not different at all? You do remember that the Deadzones were cause of DSC’s evilness right? Well now you know they’re not actually any of that. You remember that humans and Planets cause the Cosmos to fracture because they use its energy to live. Well, DSC does not have a Geosphere to take his energy from, so he uses Planets to gather energy. This is why the deadzones are not disappearing, because they are just dead lands.
The people are no different because that wasn’t the primary reason for the Cosmos to fracture, ergo, there is no reason for people to change who they are whether the Cosmos is united or fractured.

Ok, so what exactly is the Ethertime Dimension? Well it is pretty much what it was before, a place where Ethertime Controller keeps track of the time flow in both Universes.
The fact that the riff is what it is, a distortion in time and space, allowed for another dimension to be created. By another I mean exactly what Einstein meant by other dimensions.
Dimensions not visible to the human eye, not understandable by the human brain, all because their nature is just beyond our knowledge. So, they are in the physical world, but they
just can’t be seen by humans because of their properties. So, as soon as Nox figured a way to interact with that Dimension, he was able to create a device capable to transfer people to that Dimension.

Why does the Ethertime Dimension has Ether all over? Well, the Raw Ether that is scattered throughout the Universe went inside that other Dimension where it was concentrated a great deal of energy from DSC’s outburst, only this Dimension suppressed the thoughts attached to that Ether and converted it into pure energy, surrounding the platform where the Ethertime Controller lives.

How Did the Gods conjure the Sun to destroy the Shadow? Same principle, DSC wanted to stop Shadow, the Gods did as well; the Ether made it possible. They thought of a way, the Ether gave them the materialization of that wish.

Fortunately, the Gods are not as smart as Nox, nor is DSC or GSC, why? Because it’s just better that they think their power comes from their mind than to let them know that their ethic rules are no more than barriers they put on themselves, and that their power is actually unlimited having on account the fact that they can use Ether as they please.
And after this long explanation by Nox, as soon as he had the chance to get the loose ends together, we conclude THE RENEGADE ‘‘tutorial’’, and the story.

The story was told to you just like it had been told our heroes, and till the end they knew exactly what you knew.
But then, just like me, just like you, and just like our heroes, NOX, THE UNDYING, decided it was time for him to dedicate himself to science a little more, and out of a stroke of luck (The Raw Ether concentration found in the place where the Geosphere was) he was able to put this story together, and reveal its true colors.
So, nothing really changes, just gets a little brighter. This story as no end, for the Cosmos will always fracture, it is just what it has to be…till the end of time. Life is a gift and a curse.
Well, you can ask me, how come Ether is capable of doing what it does? And I answer you with another question: Do you know the origin of the Universe? Yep, me neither…sorry…

Created By: Henrique Teixeira and Jorge Fonseca