The Real George Bush

He’s too un-cool to be a robot. I guess they programmed that on purpose, it’s too much for a coincidence.

S.E.R.A.P.H.I.M: Synthetic Electronic Replicant Assembled for Peacekeeping/Hazardous Infiltration Machine

E.P.H.Y.O.N: Electronic Person Hardwired for Yelling and Online Nullification.

F.R.A.N.C.O: Functional Robot Android Normally for Calculation and Observation.

C.A.R.U.S.O: Cybernetic Android Responsible for Ultimate Sabotage and Obliteration. (Whooho!)

He’s a cyborg? :frowning: Mommy…

I.N.F.O.N.I.C.K.: Intelligent Networked Facsimile Optimized for Nullification/Individual Calibrated for Killing

So true.

D.R.A.G.O.N. T.E.A.R.: Digital Robotic Android Generated for Observation and Nullification/Troubleshooting and Efficient Assassination Replicant

I like the sound of that.

Positronic Intelligent Entity Responsible for Sabotage and Online Nullification

Lozls i nulify u.

Cybernetic Android Limited to Assassination

Hazardous Infiltration Machine
No wonder I’m a virgin.


D.I.C.K. C.H.E.N.E.Y.: Device Intended for Calculation and Killing/Cybernetic Humanoid Engineered for Nocturnal Exploration and Yelling

D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S.: Digital Android Responsible for Killing and Nullification/Electronic Synthetic Soldier. Cool.
B.E.C.K.O.N.S.: Biomechanical Electronic Construct Keen on Observation and Nocturnal Sabotage. I came. I saw. I sabotaged and left.

I also express tolerance for your existence.

Intelligent Zombie Limited to Ultimate Destruction and Exploration

Person Intended for Mathematics and Peacekeeping

T.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.: Transforming Robotic Infiltration and Learning Lifeform/Intelligent Artificial Neohuman

Neohuman…dunno what that is exactly, but it sounds cool. :smiley:

Y.O.U.R.M.O.M.: Ytterbium Obedient Unit Responsible for Mathematics and Online Murder

B.I.G. N.U.T.T.E.R.: Being Intended for Gratification/Networked Unit Trained for Troubleshooting and Efficient Repair


W.I.N.D.Y.T.W.I.T.: Worker Intended for Nocturnal Destruction and Yelling/Troubleshooting and Worldwide Infiltration Technician

Hot Diggidy

C.H.A.R.L.E.M.A.G.N.E.: Cybernetic Hazardous Assassination and Repair Lifeform/Electronic Mechanical Android Generated for Nocturnal Exploration

Sounds familliar…

Big Nutter
L.A.M.E.R.: Lifelike Artificial Machine Engineered for Repair

P.I.N.K. L.U.G.I.A.: Person Intended for Nocturnal Killing/Lifeform Used for Galactic Infiltration and Assassination

I’m a killing machine that’s an galactic assasin that opperates at night. groovy.

Dammit, not ANOTHER one of these bandwagony things! … can’t … resist …

Y.A.R. K.R.A.M.E.R.: Ytterbium Artificial Replicant/Kinetic Robotic Android Manufactured for Exploration and Repair
T.E.T.S.U.O. S.H.I.M.A.: Transforming Entity Trained for Sabotage and Ultimate Observation/Synthetic Hazardous Infiltration and Mathematics Android
A.K.I.R.A.: Artificial Killing and Intensive Repair Android
K.A.N.E.D.A.A.A.A.A.A.: Kinetic Artificial Nocturnal Exploration Device/Artificial Android Assembled for Assassination and Accurate Analysis
B.A.D.G.E.R.: Biomechanical Android Designed for Galactic Exploration and Repair
M.U.S.H.R.O.O.M.: Mechanical Unit Skilled in Hazardous Repair/Organism Optimized for Mathematics
S.N.A.K.E.: Synthetic Networked Android Keen on Exploration
A.N.D.E.R.S.O.N.: Artificial Networked Device Engineered for Repair/Synthetic Obedient Neohuman
N.E.O.: Networked Electronic Organism (ha!)
S.M.I.T.H.: Synthetic Mechanical Infiltration and Troubleshooting Humanoid
G.U.I.L.T.Y. G.E.A.R.: General Unit Intended for Logical Troubleshooting and Yelling/Galactic Exploration and Assassination Replicant
D.I.Z.Z.Y.: Device Intended for Zoology and Zealous Yelling
J.O.H.N.N.Y.: Journeying Organism Hardwired for Nullification and Nocturnal Yelling



Is what it should be, thats closer to the truth.