The PV Art Thread. Joy.

Here are a few sketches I did during the past few weeks and would like people to look at/critique.

Leon, SO2.

A chibi sketch for a comic I did.

I can’t see anything…I’ll try and post em for you and see if they work.

<img src=“”>

<img src=“”>

EDIT: Hmm, not working.Something must be wrong with the codes or your source…this inspires me to post some of my drawings…

That doesn’t seem to be working…

Hmm…Don’t know why.

Geocities crapping out?

Hmm. Let me flip a coin to decide that. If it lands on heads or on tails, it’s Geocities.



First link: Copy and paste into Internet Address bar to see.

Second link: Copy and paste into Internet Address bar, and put JPG as jpg to see.

You really need to press down harder, even if it is only a sketch :stuck_out_tongue: And shade the eyes a bit more. But I’m assuming the second sketch is Dias. Keep up your good work.

What Cless said. Nice work anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks. ^_^;;

Try Boomspeed. It’s what I’m using. It works as well