The perils and pitfalls of cosplay

Here’s a new competition for you. Try to find a cosplay pic that’s any worse than this-

Actually, what’s visible of the getup is pretty well done. The model in question is the problem.

Here’s my candidate:

Please note the Chocobo.

The chocobo is second only to the ginner Cloud. :-p

It should be a rule that you can’t dress as someone thats nine years younger than you.

Can I use this one?

This dude is pretty bad…especially seeing how is is trying to be faye.

ALong with this…

I think this one is horrible.

Like i have said in the past, some can cosplay, some cant. The ones who cant shouldnt even try.

The guy who is doing Vince is actually pretty hot, I’d hit him.

And you fools, behold the true power of Manfaye!

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And just because I can…

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I honestly don’t know why you would do something like this Neb; you must be a Masochist.

Holy crap lois.

Can I use this one?

<img src=“”>

Argh, don’t even trip when it comes to Manfaye.

BMO - tell me about the picture, who are those people supposed to be? I just don’t know.

ARGH, MY EYES! It burns usssss! @_@

God damn it eden.

Manfaye and Sailor Bubba no longer phase me. They still skeeve me out, but there’s no phasing involved.

I recognize most of the characters from BMO’s picture. So, are two of them Ichigo? Left to right it’s, what: Ichigo, the vice-captain with the “69” tatoo, not sure who the crouching one is supposed to be, Aizen, Renji, Kenpachi’s vice captain (pink hair makes it obvious), Hanatarou (maybe?), Soi Fon, Ichigo (again?), the child prodigy captain, is the one behind him supposed to be Tousen?, and I have no idea who the big dude is supposed to be.