The order you play fighting games in DOES matter!

For instance! If you play Guilty Gear, and you like it, and you then go on to play Guilty Gear X, your reaction is likely to be OMG AWESOME! However, if you play Guilty Gear X, and subsequently play Guilty Gear, your reaction will probably be more along the lines of “eh, it was PRETTY good, but …”

Speaking of which, how many people do you think played the first Street Fighter before the second one? Or for that matter, is Street Fighter 2010 related to the series in any way?

I’ve actually been meaning to give one the Guilty Gear games a shot.

Would I be missing anything huge if I just jumped right into the latest one?

I haven’t tried Isuka yet, but GGX2 is awesome.

don’t bother with Isuka… It plays a lot slower than X2. The only thing notable in Isuka is 4 player support, which still isn’t much.

Of course, that’s only natrual.

GGX is awesome. And I’m given to understand that GGX2 is a vast improvement, even if you need to do some research on GGX’s story (since the game sure isn’t gonna help you).

If Street Fighter 2010 is that side-scroller, then it’s a totally unrelated game.

(Also, play Dead or Alive 2 before Dead or Alive 1. DoA2 is such a massive improvement in every respect that DoA1 is almost a joke.)

Word. I will second that. But my question is, how many people actually played Tekken before Tekken 2? Sad to say, I didn’t

First Tekken I ever played was 2…then 3…then 4…then TTT.

Hoping that 5 gets ported soon…might be the one Tekken that might not suck ass.