The Olympic Games for this year may not come out so good...

As if the delay Greece had in getting the buildings done & fit wasn’t enough, now terrorists have finally started showing up. There has been an attack in the centre of Athens with three bombs a few hours ago. A police station was hit.

Anyone else thinks the paranoia around the games will take a big chunk of the fun?

Its idealistic to wish people wouldn’t make the olympics political.

Who knows. We’ll just have to wait until summertime to see what happens. I’d really not stress over it until something does happen at the Olympics.

All I know is that the 2032 olympics are gonna be held in Neo-Tokyo. But then it’s gonna be blown up again, and Akira will be crowned Emperor before that happens.

There’s a bunch of people. Terrorists love killing a bunch of people to make up for their miniscual penises. Thus, they would likely turn the olympics into a political deal by blowing up a bunch of people.

The olympics have always been somewhat political. Wasn’t there a boycott during the cold war? Didn’t it piss Hitler off before WW2? I’m sure there are more cases.

I think we’ll just have to wait and see what the Greeks do.
It would lead to rage if they were cancelled. But an attack would be worse.

Ideally the olympics are about peace and international friendship or something.

Hitler used the olympics to showcase germany.

And there were boycotts and stuff during the cold war. And some countries don’t participate in some sports for political reasons.

Hitler actually got pretty angry with the olympics though, he though arians would win all the games. Anyway, a black guy won and Hitler thought that black people were truly inferior so he refused to present him a medal, I think thats it anyway.

They are not being held in Australia, hence, they will suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else find it ironic that the torch will be light in Athens and then have to go around the world to get to… Athens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You never know, if the Athens facilities are not ready on time, then it might be held in Sydney again. Which would rule, although it would be hard to outdo ourselves on such short notice :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they insure against the games being cancelled? I remember hearing something about it on the news.

They really can’t ensure anything, not until it’s happening. Hopefully, there won’t be any bullshit to disrupt 'em, but I’d rather them be cancelled than people get killed.

I believe the insurance [if there was any] was for incompletion of venues, not terrorism.

Oh you meant INSURANCE, not ensure against… yeah, I think I saw something about that too.