The Official Saiyuki Thread

I think Saiyuki is a great anime and I didnt see a thread about it so I made one.Anybody else watch the show.

Which version is this? Because there’s been dozens of take-offs on the chinese tale, including DRAGONBALL. Do you mean the one with gay characters? I think that is the latest one…

Don’t you mean that Saiyuki, Dragonball etc. were taken off ‘Monkey’?


Monkey is so good!

“How about I cut a tunnel through the mountain with my staff?”

“Good thinking Monkey!”

ALL of those series, and more, were based on the 16th century chinese novel JOURNEY TO THE WEST (known as Saiyuki in Japan) starring the mischievious Monkey King, Sun Wukong, known as Son Gokku in Japanese.


and for the Anime.

Wikipedia Rulez. :cool: