The Official Mother 3 Wiki Beta RPGC Community Contribution Project

Yours was the same old problem. Wrong primary usersgroup.

Now you’ve just got me confused. If it says ‘Sysops only,’ it must’ve been locked. Why I don’t know.

So, is it working now people? We need feedback!

As much as I hate to sound like a broken record, I still can’t log in.

Also, just for the record, I do have cookies enabled.

Im successful.

I added a few lines to the character page. I’m not sure how we want to handle spoilers there, or what events constitute spoilers.

Also, GG, does putting underscores in place of the spaces in your name help?

No. I don’t think wiki usernames are even allowed to use underscores.

Whoa, I’ve tried to add tables to one page but seriously messed up. It’s already undone and all’s ok now, thankfully. At least I learned how to use the “undo” button. :stuck_out_tongue:

My question: Is there some user-friendly guide/function to making tables? I’m really new to this whole wiki thing.

There’s some code for starting a table…after that, it’s like…

A new column should be a line of code with “!” at the beginning, and a new row should be a new line of code with “|” at the beginning. If you want, you can just look at any of the tables I’ve made for the SaGa Frontier wiki.

Would it be too much to ask for an admin to create me an account manually? I really want to contribute.

Have you tried making a new username that has no spaces or underscores at all? You can do that from the wiki subpages, and be registered really quick. If that doesn’t work, let us know, because we suspect that there’s a problem with users that usually have spaces in their names.

I tried, but the login screen has no “create account” option.

Wow…extra weird. I’m positive I signed up on the wiki. :open_mouth: I’ll let someone know about this.

Good news! Got the Equipment section mostly done. The only thing left is Location and Price if wanted. However, I don’t know a lot of the locations and prices. Also, I got a question about PSI. Do we want it by Level or Type?

On the Agora. You have to create a second account on the Agora. Or we have to rename you to GGCrono. Problem is that vBulletin supports spaces while MediaWiki doesn’t.

That worked. Thank you.

Question, though. If this account goes boom - like, say, in the next purge - will my wiki account go with it?

I’m going to make a topic in the staff forums about situations just lke this. So, theoretically, you should be able to post with your old username, and the one you used to make your previous post should remain intact, even through a purge. I’ll let you know what happens with that.

I was intending to still post with this one anyway. I worked HARD for my almost 6000 posts worth of e-penis, and by the gods, I’m not giving it up!

You wouldn’t give up anything. You don’t have to use that account on the Agora, just on MediaWiki.

I know this thread is like over two years old and I don’t mean to necro-post but I have a question that I think belongs here.

Are we allowed to place pictures in the RPGC Persephone?.. because I haven’t seen any apart from the game covers.

You are.