The numbers of SaGa Frontier 2 - a cry for help

Ok, since apparently no one (at least on GameFAQs) has ever hacked the ISO of SaGa Frontier 2, not even Zach Keene, I figured I might ask this on here in case somebody, anybody knew any of the answers. Though I don’t know if anybody still checks these forums.

  1. What are the “hidden parameters” of all the characters? As in, what are their innate advantages/Morale/Psyche/Quick/etc

  2. What are the actual values of the changes made by Battle Roles?

  3. In the opening scene with the armies of Nohl and Finney battlin’ it out, some of the troops use the Art Tone Spear, when there isn’t a Tone-type Spear available anywhere in the game for players. What weapon are they using in this scene, according to the game?