The next MegaMan

It’s offical. Capcom is not killing the Battle Network games. Instead they are giving them a major overhaul. As for the story it is set hundreds of years in the future. For those of you who can read japanese there is a site:
The game is stated for release next year.
(All information is from issue 207 from Nintendo Power.

Long live Nintendo and MegaMan.)


Fuck that shit. I still want a new original series game.


And I want MML3.

So counting me, the fanbase now has… two people.

That’s the goddamn wasp-copter from the intro stage of the first MMX game. Only, it’s a fly now. WTF.

Epic: That’s Megaman ZX, the link he gave seems down right now but the sequel to Battle Network has the tentative names “Ryuusei no Rockman” and “Rebirth: ZN”.

edit: Or did you post that just for the Pants Man comment?

What do you think?

Ah, so MegaMan ZX is going to involve a Distaff Counterpart. That, or be closer to Pokémon nowadays …

Actually, there’s both a boy and a girl in ZX.
Btw, what platform is it for? I think I knew at some point but forgot. If you say DS I will be happy because I’m probably inveitably going to buy it to play FF3 (even though I have like four PS2 games to buy in the next three months dammit).


I’m not talking about ZX. Capcom is in the process of making another game other than ZX that comes out next year. I’d scan the pic but I got no scanner.