The next installment in the Metal Gear Series... (After MGS3)

And it’s called <b>Metal Gear Acid</b> and it’s for PSP

Trailer of it can be viewed here

Looks pretty impressive, especially for a handheld game.

Wow, thats really pretty for a handheld. Heh, i’ll have to buy it when the price for the PSP goes down (after its release that is)

Did anyone notice the damage numbers and “attack” words popping up everywhere?

God, this SO reminds me of some Real-time style RTS, but I can’t quite remember- FRONT MISSION 1! :open_mouth:

It’s acidic!
And pretty cool.

That looks cool, I wish the PSP would be cheaper.

Most impressive.

Fuckin Ay, that’s some damn nice graphics for handheld.

I’ll like it as long as you get to fight 4 crazy bosses with special powers.