The Next Action STAR!

anyone ever watch this? its so figgin lame.

I had this window open and was going to post something. Then I forgot what this thread was about. But I’m going to post anyways, because I’m silly. Like that rabbit. Except sexier to the max. ::dekar!:: Oh Dekar, you are a feirce and fickle enemy.

Afraid not.
You should watch this instead. *Nod, nod.

Charlemagne is a reality tv show hoe

All reality TV is awful. The end.

Know what else is lame? That reality show about a hair salon. Its just one big ad for “Visa small buisness” and “Revlon”.

(Adopts UK Big Brother Voice) Day 356, Charle has realsied that my job is completey crap, but I’m not dicthing it, cos, 3 months ag-o I had bought by self a Jaguar.

Big Nutter
(Atopts Cameron Stouts (UKBB4 winner)) Hel-lo!

Oac, oac drao yna.

Yes, yes they are.

I love you, since you agree with me. Now let us go get hitched, and have a baby named Orange Juice.

Yup. Even the “good” ones suck.

Yeah, reality shows, bla bla, pretty lame

But seriously, i haven’t seen a closed post in a while, im starting to miss them