The News, with Pennycake


By golly gee, it’s the INTERNET. Can’t find a more reputable source of accurate information than that. -.-;

Please…don’t remind me of Proposition 8.

Not only did I have to go through months of blatant lies about gay marriage, not only did I have to witness the re-institutionalized discrimination of a population subgroup, and not only did I realize everyone in my hometown is fucking homophobe, but the ordeal was one of the worst moments of 2008. Seriously, there was not a single ad opposed to Prop 8. Anywhere. Ask anyone in California, and the most you’ll get is one or two radio ads, played out mere days before the election. And right after that, our state becomes a laughingstock yet again. We already had to deal with Conan the Governator, and now we come across as a bunch of gay-bashing misanthropes.

I wish this would make it out to the news. I wish people would see the truth of the matter. But it’s never going to happen.

BTW, “It’s the Internet?” I thought we agreed, the Internet has no place within the basis of reality. That’s why people spend so much time on it. (And yet another reason to abolish Rule 34.)

It is kind of hard to read when it all in italics.

Tripple click the text, press CTRL + C, press windows key + R, type “write,” press enter, and then press CTRL + V.

Also, who the heck is Pennycake?

Wow. And I bet pennycake is hades.

The force of prejudice in strong in that one.



Since this thread seems to be mostly about China:

Also, I vote that pennycake is zeppelin.

Obviously, pennycake would be someone who isn’t currently a member of RPGC. Someone who was banned. Could be a bunch of people, in other words.


This really doesn’t strike me as a thread conducive toward generating conversation about each news item.

why does pennycake have to be someone else than pennycake?