The news, in Klingon?

Those wierd germans, always coming up with strange stuff

Germans can read Klingon?

Seven out of ten on the Quiz!

I’m German, but that is one of the strangest things I have ever read. Government funded radio? German tax dollars at work. Oh well, If they want to do it, so be it.

En ingles, por favor.


I think it is Romulan, but it could be Vulcan or Reman. Don’t know so for sure… its’ not Bajoran, and Defanaty not Kilngon, or Borg. Pity, I’ve lent My universal Translator to My Kilngon…

Big Nutter
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I’m all for the progression of geek-dom. This is badass, it proves that a group (alot more than a group I guess) of people have, in fandom alone, turned startreks LANGUAGE into a recognized language in an other country. That sounds like a win for the nerds to me.

I’m pretty sure it’s Vulcan.

Definitely a win for the nerds!

I remember in an introduction to linguistics course I took, we were asked to write a short paper describing a language that wasn’t Indo-European, or any of the commonly known national ones. The teacher gave us a site with a list of different languages to help us.

In the back of my mind I wanted to do Klingon, after all, I had the Klingon Dictionary which would be a great asset. But I was pretty sure the teacher wouldn’t go for. So I went to the site he gave us.

Lo and behold, Klingon was listed, with a link to the Klingon Language Institute. I did the paper and got a decent grade. My teacher’s only comment was:

“I meant a real language, but since I didn’t specify… ok.”


I apologize for the digression.

Doesn’t surprise me. So much klingon stuff these days…