The NEW new picture posting thread

Ok the old new picture posting thread we all know and love has gotten way too big and bloated. I’m going to leave the old one stickied until I can archive all the pictures that are still up and post them here (or until someone else goes ahead and does it). From now on this will be the main thread for posting pictures of yourself. To keep this one from being an ego-stroking circle jerk I’m going to lay down some rules.

  1. This is the most important, only post here if you are posting a picture. Don’t fag up these threads with 80 “You’re so hot, nudes plz” posts everytime a picture is posted. If you want to compliment someone do it in PMs. If you get around this rule by posting comments while posting your own pictures I’ll probably look the other way until you start abusing it

  2. Unless your posts are months apart just edit old posts and don’t make new ones.

  3. No nude pictures, and no clever MS Paint censoring. Yes Neb I mean you. If you have a nude picture that you just HAVE to share, PM it to me. Unless you’re ugly, in that case PM it to TD.

Edit: For now I’m stealing that nice little archive Hades made. <a href=“”>Picture Archive</a>

And if you’re hot as well as female, make sure to send the nudes this way as well. CH always messes up in his attempts to share them with the entire staff.

wtf. <a href=“”>We already have this thread</a>. With the exact same rules, and the exact same goals. Hell, that thread <a href=“”>already archived the old thread</a>. Why did you feel you had to close that thread, and remake it?

The same exact thing will happen here. You can’t stop people from complimenting others. And how was the old one so bad? It was long, but what problem does that present? Who the hell wants to look at old pictures from page 1 or something anyway? Its still navigable.

Brilliant. Was this some pet peeve of the staff’s or something?

Yeah, stop opressing us you bastards!

I thought that the compliments were fun…I mean, no one wants to post pictures and not get any feedback…:frowning:

Yea, we could just use imageshack or something if we just wanted to host them. =\

I do think this is going to needless trouble. And what’s the point of posting a picture, if people can’t say anything regarding it?

This thread already sucks. People bitching, and not a single picture!

It should be replaced with a pet picture posting thread. I have plenty of material for that. :slight_smile:

my goodness who is this handsome devil?? post pictures people!


That thread had been dead for half a year and it still had the same spammy contents.

The exact same thing will not happen here, because if people fag up this thread by spamming it the same way they did the last they will be warned, and then disciplined.

As to the comment thing, normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but people were taking it to extremes. If you want to compliment each other then use your fully functional PM buttons, if you want your ego stroked go to hotornot.

Here are pictures of my new car. I cant get Nulani’s to upload them though, so this is whatcha got.

CH you are sucking the fun out of this thread

just fyi :frowning:

I only visit this thread because of the comments on the pictures have a high hilarity ratio. I really don’t care what most of you look like :open_mouth:

<a href=“”>You should be careful!</a>

But to ignore my own advice, what’s the point of a message board if the community can’t hear our thoughts? We might as well forget RPGC and just use livejournal and photobucket, if the attitude is such that we can’t even comment publicly.

Remember, deliberately thwarting the desires of board members and ignoring their protests is a Shaheenism, and it never has good results.


xwing is a girl??

well, yeah unless you think that picture is of a guy :wink:

Prost looks sexy.
repost’d? :open_mouth:
<img src=“”>
oh well… here’s a new one. My friend made it for me. Apparently it fits me? I don’t think so.
<img src=“”>

You are emo steve
^^ but hot. I’ll post stuff later I guess…

Just out of interest, what’s the limit for sizes/file size for this thread?