The New Miami Vice movie

Will it be cool?
The pilot of the old show was pretty cool, but that’s all that I’ve ever seen of it. So tell me if the movie will be cool. Don’t give me that ‘we won’t know until it comes out’ bullshit, either, you knaves. I can see right through that thin veneer of a half-assed (no intent of being offensive towards any donkeys, mind you) answer. Give me, good, solid answers my relatively small intellect and even smaller attention span can grasp and full digest.

New movies of old TV shows, in general, suck. There may have been exceptions, but I can’t think of any.

Just what Demigod said, I don’t think it will be that good. The previews and trailers don’t even seem that good. Also I don’t watch movies in that genre because they usually get boreing and or suck, but there is some good ones though.

I don’t know, I usually like all the actors, though, and I will see anything with a good song, and that’s one badass cover of ‘In the Air Tonight.’

EDIT: And I don’t mind action movies, although cop movies aren’t my thing. Not too big a fan of authority. However, they’re pretty much vigilantes, so it should be okay.