The new Indiana Jones movie has a title.

Plus, the whole theme music in a good quality!

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Aren’t the usual Indie treasures of historic myth? I’ve never heard of a crystal skull before. I’m liking the ochestra:)

I looked at the videos, and Harrison Ford is OLD. Indie’s supposed to be a younger adventurer. I really, really hope it’s good and doesn’t ruin the legendary name of Indiano Jones.

Crystal skulls, yo.

Meh, I think Harrison Ford can pull it off…he’s one of those guys that gets better with age.

Unfortunately the last I saw of the good doctor he was back when he tackled what was probably one of his greatest challenges yet… His 60th birthday cake and mind you that was a couple of years ago. And even after seeing him in his adventuring getup he barely resembled the Indy of years past. Though I am still tempted to see it just to see if he can perform even half of the number of stunts that he did in any one of his previous films.

Although, if John McCain, Rocky Balboa, and the T-1000 can still haul their asses across the silver screen, then why should Dr. Jones miss out?

Btw, will Indiana continue thumping on the evil Nazis or will there be something else like a sinister cult or the like that’ll get Junior out of his rocker?

Also, where in the hell is RoboCop? With every other action movie star from the 80’s trying to get one last movie in before there reunions with every last bad guy they blew away in all of those movies you’d think RoboCop would be getin’ in on the action, but so far he’s nowhere to be seen or get blown away by and if he doesn’t hurry up even Steve Guthenburg is gonna’ beat him to the ‘computer jack/fucker punch’.

Stuntmen, my dear Killmore, stuntmen. A major problem is that I’m not 8 anymore. I like whips though.

I assume you mean John McClane, not the presidential hopeful former POW senator. Speaking of Die Hard, no one dies harder than John McClane.

I guess that if Indy is going to fight any historical villains (and not something like the ones from Temple of Doom), he will fight Communists. You know, age the character roughly the same amount, probably slightly less, than Harrison Ford has been aged.

Don’t forget John Rambo.

This I’m actually looking forward to. Just hearing the orchestra makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :smiley:

I don’t have high expectations for this one. Lucas has already proven he doesn’t have any real sense for moviemaking left; and this movie has been delayed since 2004 since Lucas kept wanting to change it for what he wanted. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Whatever about the movie, and whatever about their ancientness, that’s just pretty damn cool. >>

I’m caught between “Awesome” and “I have a bad feeling about this” …

Oh well. Guess I’ll add this to the list of Movies I Just Have To Watch.

I stand corrected.

Sounds like a Harry Potter title >__>

Indy IV features Communists as the villain. Indy’s son is in the movie (Shia LaBoef) and will probably do most of the heavy-lifting. We’ll see how it goes.

I also heard that the female character from Raiders of the Lost Ark is in this one, possibly as Indy’s wife?

yeah, or at least mother of the kid

Supposedly there was a scene where all of Indie’s past girlfriends from the first three movies meet each other. Though the one from Crusades died in the end if I remember correctly… the one from Temple of Doom will definitely be there, seeing as she’s Spielberg’s wife.

Originally Posted by THE 984
I assume you mean John McClane, not the presidential hopeful former POW senator.

Gee, I wonder how I could’ve made that mistake. But on that note McClane O8 does have a certain appeal to it. You can either vote for me and Live Free or Die Hard Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker. I might vote for that if it ever came down to it.

Btw, Merlin. I enjoyed your current sig of a break dancing man in need of a shave and is wearing a fur coat just to get out of work for the rest of the year to be humorous, but when my boss’s, boss’s, boss’s, boss saw it he revealed that it was not a break dancing man in need of a shave and is wearing a fur coat but he was in fact a Bear. It was totally worth the hour I spent listening to singing secretaries while progressing through four ever increasingly elaborate offices just to get that ruling.

Is your presidential candidate a bad enough dude to strap a bag full of explosives to a monitor and a rolling chair and chuck it down an elevator shaft? I THINK NOT!

Heh, I need to actually watch those movies, too.