The New GameBoy - GameBoy Micro

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Even though my DS can already play GBA games, i’ll still get it because its sexy.

2 inches? So the screen is what? 0.5? Nintendo, are you trying to leave me blind by the time I’m twenty?

Haha, they keep making everything smaller!! I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Aww, it’s CUTE! :slight_smile:

So does ti just play GBA games or is it gonan play a new format?

Does it come with a magnifying glass.
Oh, and everywhere else says it’s 10 x 5 x 1.7 CM. It’s the screen that’s 2".


Money. Capitalism.

It’s like they’re trying to compete with themselves though. Which is getting rather ridiculous.

Seriously, and it’s not even that good of a design. The GBASP is small enough, and protects the screen. Unless they can release this thing at $30, I really see no reason why they should release it at all.

That’s still too small, it’s like a cellphone screen. I agree with Sat, the SP design was perfectly fine.

Yay, now I can keep my Game Boy, my iPod, my keys, my wallet, my cellphone, three chapsticks, and a candy bar ALL IN ONE POCKET!!!11

That’s awesome.

I’m not gonna buy it, but that’s awesome. I have a hard enough time playing games on my SP, let alone a 2" screen.

I’d just lose it faster then a larger gameboy

…and a partridge in a pear tree! :smiley:

It’s too small,who wants to stare at such a small screen for prolonged periods of time,it will only make it blind,as other people say the GBSP desingn was perfect.

Sweet titty fucking jesus, Gameboy Advance! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! buys
Dizzamn son! The new Gameboy Advance SP is more sleek in design and has a backlight, solving all the problems of the previously released product in a short time! I’m gonna buy one even though I already bought a GBA! Yeee boiii! buys
Oh wow, an even sleeker design for the gameboy advance! It still has a backlight, but now instead of folding, its just small as fuck! $$$$$$

Nintendo is awesome at making you buy the same product over and over again.

Fuck that. I’m gonna get a GB player so I don’t hurt my eyes. I got rid of my SP because I almost went blind playing it.

It’s pretty bad when I tell an N system “fuck it” considering I’m probably one of the biggest N fanboys around

Yeah, didn’t the SP already sell a ton? What lure is there for us SP owners?