The New Avatar Week

we are going to have a sailor moon avatar week due to exertion of an outside force that cannot be ignored. I expect all of you ladies to uphold the weekly tradition, and right now, I want to see some hands in the air for sailor uuuuuranus! do i have a uranus?!

Exertion of…of what? Anyway, Uranus sucks.

Uranus? I thought it Blows…

Just Great, fart jokes(!)

Eva sucks! Down with the man!

go back to chat steve and congregate with the non elite. now i need to see some serious takers!

Shove it up your arse!

Was saving her and another image of her for later, but for a week I’m gonna show some luv.

I am so going to smash someone’s head in if next week’s idea prevents me from using my “Who was that masked man?” avatar like this one does >:(

Lav SMS.

id like to see more senshi in uniform, come on let’s hustle people


god, could you BE any more typical

I propose you make next week’s avatar week a BOSS guitar/bass effects pedal week.

Y’know, I still haven’t seen my superhero avatar week or catgirl avatar millenium >:/

I’m with Gila.

Edit: You get that image from musician’s friend too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, BOSS pedal’s, my dad makes me my own :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, your dad can make processing chips for footpedals?

cough GT3


At the moment I’ve got a wah-wah and a distortion pedal, he’s at the moment rigging up a third pedal so I can switch between wah, distortion and clean.


I so call Tuxedo Melvin.

I got it from Google image search.

And Metalzone is a fuckin sweet pedal, my friend has one of those. Do you use one?

Lucky you. Wah and distortion are nice, especially wah. What about chorus, flange, delay etc? can he make those?