The Mystery of the Missing Martinez

As in, Me. :stuck_out_tongue: This is directed at my online friends like Omega who might be wondering where I have been this past few days. My Cable (and Net) provider had troubles since Thursday, it kept coming and going unexpectedly, possibly due to damages from bad weather (we just had a thunderstorm here.) The service seems to be OK now but, just in case it goes away again I’m letting you know now.

Plus, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be moving back to my old house some time this weekend. This means I won’t have regular access to the net until it gets installed there, and that might take up to three days more. Which means I’ll be gone from these hallowed halls for a while. Cry not for me, my children! I will be back!! :hahaha;

I might be able to post from a friend’s house, but that’s not guaranteed.
Good thing I managed to finish my Superman article in time. :wink:

See you folk soon! :wave:

Update: turns out the bathroom still needs some small repairs. But that shouldn’t take us more than a day to fix. Which means I won’t be moving until at least Tuesday. Which in turns means I won’t be online for the later part of the week, unless my Cable provider’s servicemen are REALLY good. Which I doubt.

In case you’re wondering why I’m still posting today. :wink:

I hear private messages are an effective way to let people know you won’t be around- that way we can choose to delete the spam. :smiley:


True, but this message isn’t meant just for my personal friends, but to anyone who might wonder where I went. In a worst-case escenario, I might be Netless for a week…

Wil, in the world of online forums, a Week is nothing. Seriously.

The Mystery of the Missing Martinez? Sounds like a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew novel. About a missing rapist.

No offense, Wilf. I’m just saying your name sounds like that of a rapist. A child rapist no less.