The Mike Tyson's Letter to Children

Mike Tyson’s Letter to Children

<img src=“”> Yeah, this is real, Mike Tyson send out a letter to Nintendo Power readers to not let anger take control of their actions. Funny seeing this after all the stuff Mister Tyson done over the years. Rape his girlfriend, bite a ear off, threaten to eat babies, etc…

<img src=“”> Duh, I think Mike is telling the truth…sees Don King with a gun…I got to go now.

I have no comments on the letter, but dude, I LOVE the King Hippo sprite.

He should be blue, though. :hahaha;

DUDE! I remember that letter! Came in the box with the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! game. Man, I so wish I had been able to preserve it to this day, cuz I bet it would be a real hoot to read now…

Thanks for the link.

Gee, think Mike might have employed a ghostwriter for this?

Did he type with the boxing gloves on, and if so, how can he type with boxing gloves on?

Originally posted by Nulani
Did he type with the boxing gloves on, and if so, how can he type with boxing gloves on?

I’m pretty sure he used his thumbs. Of course he could’ve used his teeth. He seems to be pretty skilled with those.

he couldnt have written that letter himself, some of those words had three syllables or 10+ words, some even had BOTH!!


It’s really funny, because you know for a fact he coulden’t write such ‘large words’…

And the rape, ear munching, and many punches to the face woulden’t boost his IQ to much, so I agree that he hired someone.

Heh, wasn’t he the guy that threatened to eat someones children? Or was that just a Simpsons episode…

Ok, let’s check the list…

  1. We <u>know</u> he can’t speak more than 3-4 syllables per second.
  2. We know he’ll eat some upperbody part <u>faster</u> than Superman can squeeze into those tight he wears (*drool…).
  3. We know he’ll slaughter your pregnant mom just to get the scrumptious prize inside (mmmm…baby, the <u>other, other</u> white meat! ^.^\//
  4. We know he’ll rape and pillage without remorse (I wonder if he’s Attila the Hun reincarnated…).
  5. He has about 2 1/2 brain cells running around in that big empty void of his.

So OF COURSE he had someone write it…what I want to know is how much he got paid, so i can do it for O.J. Simpson.