The Mario Galaxy Thread

It is awesome. Discuss.

Best.Game.Evar! :smiley:

Don’t play it if you have a headache because it won’t help. Just fyi.

Bee Mario is raddddd.

The fat stars are so cuddly!

How is the 2-player mode? If anyone tried it.

I tried it briefly with my 8 years old nephew, who have the hand-eye coordination in games of a newt, so I couldn’t really say much.

However, I’m assuing with some training, it could be pretty fun and usefull. The second player is all about supporting the primary player at jumping higher, shooting and collecting star shards and all that jazz.

It’s a full attention job.

The game is made of win and pwn.

Bee Mario is AWESOME.

I’m liking it so far. The music is great, it looks fantastic, and controls beautifully. The 3D and platforming is just crazy and cool. It brings new life into platofrmers and shows why Mario is king. I was a little worried that all of the levels would be the jump from planet to planet deal, but the second level (where you first play the bee) has reassured me that it will still have some nice classical 3D levels to mix things up. The whole space theme works surprisingly well for a Mario game. It also has a great difficulty, not too hard, but not so easy it is boring. It is easily the best Mario game since Mario 64. New Super Mario Bros is good, but the levels were a little dull. I’m loving the remixed music and I like one level where it has traditional Mario levels in the background of space. This is easily the best game for the Wii. I was a bit worried about the controls, but the Wii mote works great and is so natural for it, it makes you wonder how Mari games got a long without it.

Any other Europeans seen it in stores? I didn’t have much luck in our craptastic stores.

Got it today. Easily my game of the year so far, it takes ‘awesome’ and ‘fuck yeah’ to new heights of win. Everything else is just plodding and dull by comparison.

I just finished it, though I still got a lot of stars to collect. But whoa, the final battle and ending are AWESOME. It totally puts Sunshine’s finale to shame (just like it’s been doing with every other part of Sunshine).

The BGMs for the final battle with Bowser are just extraordinary, as well. Nintendo had better shape up and release an OST for this game. Going through the trouble of orchestrating the entire soundtrack, and then NOT releasing it is a damn waste.

I saw it on display at the local GameStop, and I am so adding a Wii and this to the list of things I’ll get once I can afford it. (And Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, which downplays Rayman’s involvement even further than the first one did.)

… I went to the store with intentions of picking up Galaxy, but couldn’t find a copy and picked up Lego Star Wars - Complete Saga for Wii instead >_>; Ooops.

How’s Lego Star Wars by the way? I had a lot of fun with Lego Star Wars II for PS2, and I was looking to get a nice multiplayer game along with a Wii for Christmas. Anyone else tried Galaxy’s 2-player mode?

I have Lego Star Wars II on the PS2 as well, would it be worth it to turn that one in to get the Wii version at all?

Haven’t gotten a chance to try out the 2-player mode myself, and I doubt I will due to the lack of a second Wiimote/player.

Some good news, though, Nintendo WILL be releasing an OST for this in January. So I imagine MP3s will be floating around sometime around then…

Supposedly, more content (Has eps 1-6 all in one package plus some extra missions compared to the two earlier games) but I was kinda disappointed that there’s no 4-player mode (YAY LEGO DIABLO! … 2P? Oh well, I can handle it.)

Well I just got all 120 stars and beat the game. And now I can apparently go through the game a second time as Luigi. From what I’ve heard, if I get all 120 stars with him and beat the game, I’ll get access to the ‘Grand Finale Galaxy’ where I’ll get the final 121st star and see the true ending.

Still no SM Galaxy for Greece… I guess it’ll appear just before Christmas. pissed off