The madness begins right here

Anybody want to bet AGAINST this game being biggest-selling of 2007?

I accept your callenge!

I’m willing to stake 600 quatloos that, this game, after battling its way though the mire that is the political red tape, and only to come out with last generation graphics and a been there done that feel shall keep this from being The best-selling game of 07.

Hello my best reason for an XBox 360. :3

Meh, I’ll probably still be playing Mass Effect or Blue Dragon then, or Shivering Isles if it’s as good as ES’s past expansions.

Says God-boy. :stuck_out_tongue:


EZ’s like 7 how can he even pronounce xbox360

… okay. The IV made me think “Grand Theft Auto: INTRAVENOUS.”

WOOT!! Another one to add to the collection XD

People still play this game since Vice City? How is it any fun?