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Anyone know any programs for getting into/mounting CD/DVD images without actually burning 'em onto a CD? Besides Alcohol 120%, which unexpectedly wised up to the fact that I was going over the 30 day limit.

Daemon Tools

Excellent … uh, the link in TD’s post gives a 404, tho.

Daemon Tools.

Already in there, Cid.

Don’t post here unless you have something to add, a hyperlink, and aren’t being retarded. You failed 2 out of 3 requirements, and that codec pack wouldn’t get in due to the defilerpak already doing everything it does.

CCCP is much better than Defilerpack and it is officially used by people on Boxtorrents

Defilerpack raped my computer so now I can’t use ACE Mega Codecs anymore. Thanks for nothing, Defilerpack’

AFAIK i followed every requirement in the sticky. I KNOW what I"m talking about. Every self respecting anime fan uses CCCP

That’s a better post. It’s still not getting in either the main post of the thread, nor the anime forum sticky. Any further dwelling on the topic by you will be met with removal from the tech support forum.

Hey I’m an anime fan! And hey, I’ve had no problems with DefilerPak!

Too bad you can’t download intelligence. :\

Nobody cares and your pack by some unheard-of group isn’t being stickied, so take the hint, please. Seriously.

The CCCP discussion is now over. StrongDC++ - a better client for DC++ hubs.

Yo! Free ware!!

EDIT: This thread is to point out good stuff, not random freeware hubs.

If you would pay attention, nutter, this is a client for connecting to sharing networks. There’s already a DC++ client listed there anyways.

Eat me.

If you would pay attention, Xelo, I edited out a shitty link he posted.

oh, okay. Sorry. It still stands though, Butter can eat me.

Okay i’m moving this to its own topic

I can’t connect with it.

I tryed to make it connect by changing settings for my firewall and the net connection but No access to firewall settings. So I can’t play Mario kart DS next to my PC, either.

Plus My Network is really hard to use file shareing software since that all ports execpt for XX-XX have to be shut. If unlocked I can be charged with Treason, which if there is enough evedence: Death sentance. Sorry, I’d like to keep my head attached to my neck and body.

My PC has Accessed to Milatary files, which they do not want in the public domain, Partucalary when the software is just being installed on their computers. (I Looked at one the files, but I can’t read the Arabic, and that is all I can tell you.)

Last time I tryed WinMX was interupted very half hour. I was informed During my last Rebuild that I was not to use Filesharing programs too much.

Some of us Have little choice but to use Freeware Hubs like that, or to steal other peoples bandwith, which By the way I find hard to do with any one I know.

TD, If you edit another Post, that is valid. I may report you to the Mod’s.

Make a seperate thread for discussion of individual programs, guys.

BN, as I stated in the first post of this thread, I will weed out shitty links. So get your valid post shit out of my face. Now all of you stop dicking up this thread.